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Wealth Building

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Squatters throw feces, brick at landlords after causing $38K in damages at Florida rental home: reports

According to reports, two female squatters and their pit bulls lived in a rental property in Florida for over a month, causing nearly...

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Dating & Relationships

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What should Christians do when church leaders throw gaslights at them?

The church is dirty. Christians sometimes do or say things which will offend someone. Christians who’ve been offended by one other...

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How To Make and Throw a Bola (Step-by-Step Photos)

Bola is a spider web with three legs. It consists of three lengths of string attached to the rock at each ends to weigh it down. These...

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Science & Technology

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Microsoft, GitHub, and OpenAI ask court to throw out AI copyright lawsuit

Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI want the court to dismiss a proposed class motion lawsuit alleging corporations downloading licensed code to...

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