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Patrick Bradley: News

Final Line Up of Patricks Third CD - November 30, 2013

Patrick is finalizing the finishing touches to his third CD. Check out the all star cast of musicians. 

Patrick Bradley - Keyboards 

Jeff Lorber - Producer 

Special Guests: Dave Koz - Sax, Jeff Lorber - Additional Keyboards, Rick Braun - Trumpet, Eric Marienthal - Sax, Michael Thompson - Guitar, Dwight Sills - Guitar, Jimmy Hasslip - Bass, Gary Novac - Drums, David Mann - brass and horn arrangements. 

Patrick is hoping to finish up the project over the next month and release it sometime in spring 2014. 

All Star Line Up for Patricks Third CD - May 16, 2013

Patrick is in the studio finishing up his third CD titled "All In" . Patrick is hoping to have the CD released this fall. 

The project is once again being produced by Jeff Lorber. Check out the all star line up of special guest artists: Dave Koz on sax, Jimmy Hasslip bass, Jeff Lorber additional keyboards, Dwight Sills, and Gary Novac on drums. More to come!

Patrick was quoted " I am so grateful to be working with Jeff Lorber once again. the project is shaping up wonderfully and I cant wait to release it". 

Stay tuned for for further announcements.  

Patricks Next CD "All In" - February 17, 2013

Patrick is in the studio working on his third release. Jeff Lorber will be producing the record and Patrick and Jeff are collaborating on the project. The project is the next phase of Patricks musical journey. There will be yet another all star cast of musicians on the project. To date Gary Novac on drums and Dwight Sills on Guitar. Stay tuned for for more information. 

Under the Sun is fighting poverty - May 4, 2012

Under the Sun is now for sale at Whole Foods Market across the nation including Canada. Patrick is donating $2 per CD sold at WFM to the Whole Planet Foundation. The focus of the foundation is fighting poverty through micro finance

Second Single released Just Let Go - July 8, 2011

Just Let Go hits the airwaves. Just Let Go features the legendary soprano sax of Dave Koz. IreneB adds soulful and sultry vocals to the beautiful grooves of Just Let Go. 

First Single from Under the Sun is Revealed - April 28, 2011

The official single "Straight Path" from the album Under the Sun shipped today to radio stations across North America. The full album "Under the Sun" released April 26th, 2011. The project was produced by Jeff Lorber and features many special guests; Dave Koz, Rick Braun, Eric Marienthal, and many more. 

Keyboardist Patrick Bradley making the best of his time Under The Sun - April 26, 2011

Aliso Viejo, CA (26 April 2011): Celebrating his birthday today while fondly remembering his father, who passed away on this date in 2007, keyboardist Patrick Bradley knows how precious life is and he plans to make the most of his time here despite incessant, spirit-crushing struggles.  The jazz fusion artist is making an inspired, life-affirming musical statement with today’s release of Under The Sun, his second album for which he wrote or co-wrote all eleven songs that were produced by jazz fusion pioneer Jeff Lorber.  


Although Bradley’s primary instrumental voice on the disc is his mellifluous piano, he also deployed his formidable prowess on keyboards, organ and Mini Moog synthesizer.  Seamlessly knitting improvisational modern jazz jams, spacey progressive rock tethered to searing guitar riffs, shimmering pop sensibilities, danceable funk, and seductive R&B grooves, a masterful collective of musicians brought the vacillating moods, frequently altering tempos, complex rhythms, and intricate layers of instrumentation to life.  Bradley and Lorber surrounded themselves with the adept talent and positive energy gifted freely by saxmen Dave Kozand Eric Marienthal, flugelhorn and trumpeter Rick Braun, guitarists Dwight Sills and Michael Thompson, bassists Alex Aland Nate Phillips, drummers Tony Moore and Dave Weckl, horn section work from David Mann, and the soulfully hypnotic voice of Irene B.             


While reading Ecclesiastes during a period of reflection and introspection after losing both parents in the same year, the spiritually-minded Bradley experienced a cathartic change in perspective, a resurrection that taught him to rise above the sorrows in order to appreciate the abundance of joy life offers and to make a difference with his fleeting days in spite of the endless challenges.  Underscoring that message is Under The Sun’s opening track, “Straight Path,” which has been the #1 most added and has garnered the #1 most increased plays at radio stations across the country.


Bradley is assembling a band to perform music from Under The Sun in concert this summer. 

Under The Sun will be released April 26, 2011 - March 14, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact: Rick Scott 310.306.0375



Jazz fusion keyboardist Patrick Bradley taps a luminous cast for the spiritually-inspiredUnder the Sun


The album offering hope and adventure will be released April 26th,

a momentous day in the artist’s life


Aliso Viejo, CA (14 March 2011): Talk about mixed emotions.  That’s what jazz fusion artist Patrick Bradley will experience April 26th, when he celebrates his birthday by releasing his second album,Under the Sun.  April 26th also marks the anniversary of his father’s passing.  Bradley’s mother passed away eleven months to the day after his father.  It was one heck of a year.  But instead of sorrow, the keyboardist-songwriter turned to his faith when composing or co-writing eleven songs of hope, adventure and spiritual surrender for a record produced by seminal fusion keyboardist Jeff Lorber


In addition to Bradley’s and Lorber’s high-level, tag team keyboard artistry, the musicianship on Under the Sun is equally stellar, thanks to the masterful performances of saxmen Dave Koz and Eric Marienthal, flugelhorn and trumpeter Rick Braun, guitarists Dwight Sills and Michael Thompson, bassists Alex Al and Nate Phillips, drummers Tony Moore and Dave Weckl, horn section work from David Mann, and the sultry voice of Irene B.           


With the genesis of the collection coming from reading Ecclesiastes, Bradley harnessed a variety of influences and inspirations for Under the Sun, on which he played piano, keyboards, organ and Moog synthesizers.  Bradley refers to the deep-pocketed “Straight Path,” the first track to be serviced to radio stations, as his “life verse” as it is about trusting the Lord for guidance.  A lilting and joyous celebration of love with a cascading piano hook, “Into the Sunset” was written for his wife, Lisa.  Koz and Irene B. add seductive elements to the R&B ballad “Just Let Go.”  Bradley is a passionate road cyclist and he offers a taste of the adrenaline rush experienced while descending in a pack on “Slipstream,” which includes a lead-out from Braun’s horns.  The unpredictability of life is the focus of “Time and Chance,” which delivers the message to live life to the fullest while being unafraid of taking chances.  “Crows on the Lawn” swings.  The poignant “Tears from the Sky” was written after his father’s passing and it’s an expansive, emotional piece both mournful and celebratory.  “Rush Street” and the majestic “The Empress of Dalmatia” explode into aggressive progressive rock-jazz fusion jams ignited by Sills’ incendiary guitar pyrotechnics.      


As for the album title, Bradley said, “The idea behind this record is to enjoy life and celebrate all it offers during the brief time we have under the sun.  No matter what life dishes up, we should keep our dreams alive and pursue our passion, hopes and aspirations.  The last few years have been challenging for all of us as we find ourselves in times of change and uncertainty.  Seasons of change hit home for me personally when my parents passed away.  I found myself in a period of reflection.  These songs were written in times of joy, sorrow and triumph, yet with an eye on eternity.  Life is speeding by.  My hope is that we all will take the time to prioritize and tend to the important things and important people and relationships, and not just chase the mad pursuits of this life.”


A self-taught musician who started playing piano at age eight, Bradley’s musical endeavors have spanned jazz fusion, smooth jazz, gospel, rock, progressive rock, and classical.  The Southern California native debuted in 2007 with Come Rain or Shine, an international seller that spawned the title track single, which peaked at #26 on the radio chart.  Bradley is assembling a band to perform music from Under the Sun live in support of the album release.  Outside of music, Bradley serves as a regional president of the Whole Foods Market southern pacific region.  Further information is available at


The songs that comprise Bradley’s Under the Sun are:


“Straight Path”

“Into the Sunset”

“A Message”

“Just Let Go”


“Time and Chance”

“Crows on the Lawn”

“Tears from the Sky”

“Rush Street”

“Under the Sun”

“The Empress of Dalmatia”

All Star Line Up Revealed - November 14, 2010

Keyboardist Patrick Bradley will be releasing his next musical adventure titled “Under the Sun”. This is Bradley’s second CD and has an extraordinary cast of musicians: Special Guests include Dave Koz -sax, Jeff Lorber – additional keyboards, Rick Braun - trumpets, Eric Marienthal – sax and Dave Weckl - drums. The project is produced by legendary keyboardist and producer Jeff Lorber who plays additional keyboards along with Patrick. Under the Sun features a rock solid all star cast of musicians: Michael Thompson - Guitars, Dwight Sills -Guitar, Alex Al -bass, Irene B – vocals, Tony Moore Drums, David Mann – horns and Nate Phillips – bass. This is one project you will not want to miss. Stay tuned for the official release date and more exciting news. 

In the Studio Now - April 18, 2010

Patrick is now in the studio working on his next project. Jeff Lorber is producing the project. Stay tuned for more news.


Jeff Lorber Producing Patrick's Bradley's Next Project - February 3, 2010

Legendary keyboardist, producer and composer Jeff Lorber will be producing Patrick Bradley's next project. The project is Patrick's second solo CD and is due out later this year. Stay tuned for an all star cast of musicans and an imaginative musical adventure.

Radio Promotional Single Release - November 10, 2008

A new radio mix of Come Rain or Shine has just been released for terrestial and internet radio. Patrick is working with radio promoter Adam Leibovitz of ASL music. Request airplay of Patrick's Come Rain or Shine on your favorite stations.

Come Rain or Shine hits # 26 on Radio Wave Top 100 - December 21, 2007

December 2007 after just three weeks on the top 100 "Come Rain or Shine" jumps to # 26 on RadioWaves top 100. Smooth Jazz/Fusion Category

Smooth adds Come Rain or Shine to their playlist - October 17, 2007

Just in time for the holidays. Smooth Radio has added Come Rain or Shine to their playlist. Just visit their website to listen at Smooth

Digital Distribution Now Available - August 11, 2007

Patrick's CD Come Rain or Shine is now available on iTunes, Napster, Verizon and several other digital distribution networks.

CD Release - July 31, 2007

Patrick Bradley released his debut solo CD. The CD is all original instrumental music. Come Rain or Shine is a blend of melodic hooks, progressive rhythms, and hints of fusion set in a progressive smooth jazz sound.

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