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5 Ways Devil Uses Comparison to Break Apart Female Friendships

We are all on a unique faith journey, but spiritual comparison is real and running rampant, especially within the church. After all, as women, we’re emotionally invested, so on the subject of glorifying the Lord and ways through which to try this throughout the church body, it’s easy for us to either boldly assert our opinions or feel we don’t have a voice. When led by God, these overtly passionate emotions can indeed be good, but sadly, it could actually also create great tension, making way for a battleground of our faith to emerge.

So, how can we stop this blatant attack from the enemy? How can we step out in our faith without her with a tinge of frustration or envy? How can we turn out to be women on a mission – working together?

The truth is that God knows exactly where you might be on the subject of your faith journey, and He isn’t expecting you to be like her; He wants you to be you! He is growing your faith as He shapes and molds you to be increasingly more of the daughter He needs you to be. He is etching things in your heart. He is placing gifts in your life. He is putting certain people in your life to serve, love, and bless. His plans in your life are designed and tailor-made only for you and are available with a purpose that matches every a part of your inner and outer makeup.

That said, He has placed faithful women in your life to learn and grow from, in addition to to mentor and serve. When we glance to our sisters in Christ with eyes of compassion and see them as the gorgeous daughters God created them to be, there may be little to no room for jealousy or contempt, but only the gift of gracefully woven, sisterly love.

Father, You are such a great, sensible, and loving God. We are so grateful that You see us and the character of our hearts. Grant us the flexibility to take this beautiful gift of fellowship You so gracious have given us with our faithful sisters, and never bend to comparison, but fairly to compassion. We long to honor You! Amen.

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