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3 Lies Toxic Men Tell You To Get You To Settle For Them In Dating (And It’s Actually All Projection)

If you’ve ever read any sort of piece supporting or empowering women to have healthy boundaries in dating and relationships, you’ll normally see an infestation of misogynists or low-quality men within the comments section saying the very same lies, over and another time, to fear-monger women who’ve opted out of dating (or low-quality partners) to accept them. A high-quality man would never  subscribe to those falsehoods as they respect women. Here are the three fundamental lies they tell, and the true projections behind them, based on research.

You will die alone! Enjoy your cats.

Unless you’re a murderer who’s planning to take one other person into the afterlife with them, you’ll too, honey. Misogynistic men project the fear of dying alone onto women because they profit essentially the most from marriage, and girls not marrying them is considered one of their biggest fears. Many studies show that ladies grow to be more psychologically distressed in marriage – so marriage and childrearing are literally a liability when a girl engages in them with the improper partner – and childfree, single women proceed to be considered one of the happiest subgroups within the population. They know this, and so they want you to accept them early on so that they fear-monger. Women also are inclined to have stronger social networks and connections than men do. It’s actually men who need women to thrive as they profit enormously by having a wife who’s socialized to tackle more of the domestic and emotional labor, thus contributing to their profession success and mental well-being. Having a husband is just not a guarantee of somebody being by your side long-term either – other research indicates that ladies are more likely than men to be abandoned when facing chronic or serious illness. Men are those said to be facing a loneliness epidemic in the mean time, while women are actively pursuing and happily opting out of dating toxic men.

Wait until you grow old, you won’t be living the “thot” life then and you may regret going after Chads!

As someone in her twenties, I commonly see this comment under articles empowering women in dating and laugh my ass off. Newsflash, buddy: some studies show men actually age faster than women. Women also are inclined to deal with themselves quite well regardless of what their age, and can likely never regret dating handsome men and living the wild life at every stage of their lives – why would they? Some women also just decide to rejoice single, dating and bedding whoever they need every time they need for his or her entire lives – and you’ll be able to’t stand it, because you think that she ought to be settling down and be miserable with you.  We commonly see women of many diverse age groups being hot AF and pursued by hot younger men no less – in the event that they need to be a “thot” pursuing Chads as you call it, they will achieve this at any age with no issue by any means – women will at all times have options, but misogynistic men sense they’ll have even fewer options as time goes by unless they’ve financial resources, which is why they fear-monger women into attempting to accept them early to get them trapped.

Also consider: is the age thing something that’s presupposed to lure women into marrying you – or scare them off marriage perpetually? After all, in the event you keep stating the concept that you won’t find your future wife desirable after a certain age, she’ll actually be less more likely to ever marry you because she won’t be taken with committing herself to a lifetime of misery! Keep telling this deceive women, though, because, again, based on research, women on average are happier once they are single and childfree. Maybe your lie will actually save her a lifetime’s value of trauma and make her look young perpetually as a consequence of the dearth of stress (moreover, what these misogynistic men forget is that ladies with some melanin or good genes don’t even appear to age in any respect– they either age backwards, looking young for what looks like perpetually or gracefully mature). This is projection at its finest: women are literally the “distinguished” ones with everlasting beauty while misogynists are inclined to age terribly and infrequently declaring these lies while sporting questionable hairlines.

Your standards are too high! You’re too picky.

It’s more likely that ladies’s standards have actually been below the bare minimum for a very long time as a consequence of the normalization of hookup culture. Now that ladies are literally standing up for themselves, realizing they should have standards, they’re doing what you’ve at all times told them to do – select higher, and be higher. These women are beautiful, successful, often have done inner work, gone to therapy, grow to be financially stable, own their very own cars and houses– yet you proceed to ask these same women what they create to the table fairly than asking yourself what value you bring to a girl’s life. Meanwhile, you haven’t gotten your life together yet and also you’re the actual gold-digger. You can’t stand their basic standards and limits because that also signifies that they’re selecting themselves, fairly than accept less simply to say they’ve a person. Now you really must bring value to the table, since you’re competing with a girl’s peace, and also you’d fairly project and punish women for it or leech off their resources. Let’s turn that projection back to you, fellas: it’s time to do higher. Either grow up or get out. The times have modified, and also you’ll need greater than to simply be a person to get chosen. Women have already left the table since you brought nothing to it.

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