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Megan Fox Defends Chelsea from Love is Blind, Tells Bullies to Back Off

Actress and model Megan Fox has finally spoken out on Love is Blinds Chelsea Blackwell’s comment that individuals have told her she looks like Megan Fox. On the show, Chelsea herself stated she doesn’t “see it” and explicitly asserted that it was simply because of her hair and eyes combination that individuals made this comment, which she clarified to her former fiancé Jimmy within the pods. Yet even with these caveats, her casual comment began an uproar on the web, causing heaps of unwarranted harassment and hateful bullying against her — including an absurd, mocking video from Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce that added fuel to the hearth. In a recent interview with E! News, Megan Fox herself was asked about this comparison and she or he defended Chelsea, noting that the bullies were too hard on Chelsea and she or he didn’t need to be bullied. As Megan says:

“I don’t really watch television very much but I’ve had plenty of people text me and stop me and even other celebrities which can be at Oscar parties were like, “Do you watch Love is Blind?” and I used to be like “No, but I do know what you’re talking about.” Like I said, I didn’t watch it, but I believe on the whole nobody deserves to get bullied and I did see an image of her and I guarantee you—she has, like, very blue like barely slatted almond shaped eyes—100,000% people have told her you type of seem like Megan Fox, so I feel she’s telling the reality. I hope she still has that sparkle in her eye. I hope the world didn’t steal it from her. Mine died an extended time ago from being bullied for twenty years. So I hope that didn’t occur to her. Best wishes and blessings… and yeah I don’t think she deserved that. I believe people went way too hard.”

In the identical interview, Megan was also unnerved by how many individuals were punching down on Chelsea, and made a superb point concerning celebrity culture and the way it differs from reality television, reminding us that reality television stars don’t get the identical rewards as celebrities but do endure the identical level of scrutiny without all the advantages of traditional fame. She went on to say, “That was very bizarre… I don’t know why that got a lot press. People must also do not forget that – sometimes, I believe you justify bullying celebrities because you are feeling like we receives a commission enough and we’ve such access to things that we must always have the ability to place up with the bullying. But any person who’s on a reality show doesn’t have any of that upside. So she’s just coping with the bullying and never getting any type of reward for it. And that’s really fucked up.”

Well said, Megan. We love when women rise up for other women and call the haters and bullies out. Megan’s comments speak to a bigger, disturbing pattern of bullying that Love is Blind female contestants often undergo under the highlight, where they’re held to ridiculously higher standards than their male counterparts. Those of us who’ve defended Chelsea from the very starting are thrilled to see that the O.G. is speaking out and taking a stand against the atrocious behavior of keyboard warriors who support the likes of “I like calling other women stacked in front of my fiancé” Jimmy, who not only objectified other women in front of his love interest but additionally introduced Chelsea to a girlfriend he had slept with and spent an excellent deal of time FaceTiming that friend while on the show — and even lied about hanging out with at one point when he claimed to be going to sleep. As a side note, Jimmy and the feminine best friend he allegedly slept with have recently been seen selling merchandise with the slogan, “Not taking a step back,” an atrocious comment he made to Chelsea right after he said he could be taking a step back from his shady “friendship” and gleefully promoting this merchandise across social media. Talk about profiting off gaslighting. Hopefully, Megan’s comments will help counteract among the unwarranted bullying Chelsea has received and no person buys one in every of Jimmy’s tasteless hats. Here’s to at least one small step for battling misogyny on reality television, and an enormous step for womankind.

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