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Wait, Did Angelina Jolie Get a Latest Tattoo?

Angelina Jolie has a ton of tattoos, including the coordinates where her children were born and snippets of meaningful text, and her collection continues to expand. In August 2023, she got a small design on her middle finger, and now it seems that she’s added one other piece to the lineup, a reference to the beloved book and movie The Outsiders.

When Jolie appeared on the premiere of the brand new Broadway musical version of S.E. Hinton’s book, which she produced, we were wowed as usual by her golden blonde hair, stunningly vibrant red-orange lipstick, and mustard yellow cape and slip dress, but one detail specifically immediately stood out: fresh ink. The words “Stay Gold” have been tattooed in daring black script on the side of her arm, nestled next to a set of Roman numerals and a fragile swath of text. Sure, it might be a brief tattoo in honor of the show, however the pink skin around it actually makes it seem like it’s an actual, just-out-of-the-artist’s-chair tattoo.

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