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How are homebuyers viewing the present mortgage market?

“I’d say that there remains to be some unease due to rates fluctuating,” she said. “I feel after we type of settle into a variety, then it’s like, ‘OK, that is the brand new normal – that is what we’re doing.’ But weeks like this week, when it goes just a little bonkers, really rattle everyone – not only the buyers, however the lenders, which can trickle out to buyers and realtors.”

That’s to not say homebuyers have flocked away from the market, with activity still robust and many interest in listed properties. But high rates and elevated borrowing costs mean some prospective buyers are disillusioned with the form of home they’re currently qualifying for.

“Some people wish to buy a house and it’s like, ‘Oh man, that’s the payment, that’s the speed,’ and even in the event that they qualify for it, there’s type of this disconnect of, ‘I’m spending this much – I feel like I must be getting more for it,’” Richardson said.

“And so we see an extended sales cycle or people fall off. They disqualify themselves because they’re like, ‘I believed I used to be ready, but not at that price.’ Homes are still moving – but I feel there’s some balance because sellers know that individuals aren’t just completely [convinced] due to affordability pauses or questions.”

Why borrowers should act early to optimize their homebuying plans

Richardson said her current advice to clients is concentrated on the necessity to start out sooner than they think they need to in getting their homebuying plans in place, an approach that emphasizes being proactive somewhat than reactive.

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