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It’s Been 20 Years Since ‘Ella Enchanted:’ Reminisce With the 20 Best Quotes From the Fantasy Rom-Com

It’s been 20 years since Anne Hathaway graced the silver screen as Ella, who’s forced to do whatever she’s told after a fairy godmother bestows her with a magical talent that demands unbridled obedience. To nobody’s surprise, this proves to be way more of a curse than a blessing, especially after Ella’s mother dies…leaving her with the crotchety and cruel Dame Olga. Ella embarks on a journey to search out the fairy godmother and break this spell. 

The early aughts fantasy rom-com is a lighthearted adventure with a loveable Anne Hathaway at the middle, whose charm and charisma elevate the film’s easy storyline. It’s got clever dialogue and plenty of a smirk-inducing moment. So, on the twentieth anniversary of the film, which premiered on April 9, 2004, let’s revisit our favourite quotes from the movie: 

Ella: “It’s not an issue of can or can’t. There are some things in life you simply do.”

Ella: “How about if I stop excited about you? How about if I don’t want you anymore?” Prince Charmont: “How about if I need you?”

Benny: “Ah, young love. Full of promise, stuffed with hope, blind to reality.”

Ella: “Are you suggesting that I don’t know my very own feelings?” Sir Peter: “Precisely.”

Slannen: “I’m going to be an actor, which, combined with my natural charisma, will win the center of the dominion.”

Sir Edgar: “I never loved your mother. My heart belongs to a different. Unfortunately, she doesn’t reciprocate my feelings. But regardless of, I shall turn her right into a cockroach, or a toad. Maybe a slug.”

Lucinda: “Now, Ella, you’re going to fulfill loads of individuals who will inform you who you might be. But the true you is something it’s essential to determine for yourself.”

Ella: “Please don’t eat me, giant!” Olive: “I’m not gonna eat you. I’m a vegetarian.”

Prince Charmont: “I actually have to ask you an issue. It’s a very good one so give it some thought. Do you would like to dance?”

Ella: “You wish to understand how I feel? I’ll inform you how I feel. This… stinks.”

Ella: “I’m not only falling in love with a boy. I’m falling in love with a kingdom, with a prince, with dreams.”

Prince Charmont: “I’m really good at… riding.”

Ella: “I’ve been cursed. It’s a story of honor, betrayal, and the ability of affection.”

Hattie: “Cinderella? Oh, yes! And after that, we are able to all join hands and sing songs about… kumbaya.”

Prince Charmont: “What’s with the books?” Ella: “I’m a giant fan of the written word.” Prince Charmont: “Ah, that explains it. Well, I’ve all the time been more of a doer, myself.”

Ella: “So, who’s next for the throne?” Heston: “That could be me.” Ella: “Wow. You should be thrilled.”

Ella: “Do you mostly talk in questions?” Prince Charmont: “Do I?”

Hattie: “Oh, how dashing. Who are you going to kill?”

Narrator: “Ella tried to argue, but in the long run, she agreed. That’s the issue with fairy tales: they don’t really leave you any alternative.”

Ella: “No, I don’t need a ball. I need adventure in the good wide somewhere. I need it greater than I can tell.”

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