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Should you let Bermudo go in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Answered

Choices will make or break your repute, allegedly. Will you be the hero or the villain of this story? Well, either way, start with little by little, and today’s step regards a wierd figure named Bermudo in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Should you let him go when you encounter him? Let’s ponder this decision for a bit.

Dragon’s Dogma 2: Who is Bermudo and easy methods to find him

First of all, Bermudo is a stalker that can follow you across Vernworth in the course of the night after your initial arrival to the town – whether it’s by ox or by foot. However, you won’t get a quest alerting you about this stalking. Quite the contrary. You see, if you may have a Pawn or a gaggle of Pawns with you, there’s a likelihood that one in every of them will indicate that there’s a shadowy figure following you, which is able to trigger the hunt named “The Arisen’s Shadow”. In my case, there was no remark or comment, but I did spot a figure following in the course of the night. If you struggle with finding him, walk with the camera pointed to your back and you may not give you the chance to miss him.

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After you see hit, you’ll have to run toward him and tackle him by pressing the grab button. He will, in fact, escape the scene, so make sure that to get to him by sprinting as in case your life relied on it – which could as well be true. By the way in which, when you are a fighter and you might be using heavy armor, you’ll want to take some shortcuts because, man, I did struggle to get to him. Once you tackle him, he’ll attempt to bribe you to let him go. You can accept his bribe or refuse it. But, what must you do?

Dragons Dogma 2 Bermudo Choice
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Choice: letting Bermudo go

Letting Bermudo go will find yourself with you getting compensated for you “looking the opposite way”, earning you a few thousand gold, which is sweet, to be honest. Then, he’ll disappear into the shadows of the night, never to be seen again – or perhaps he decides to follow you more intelligently to any extent further, who knows.

Choice: refusing Bermudo’s bribe

The “canon” alternative can be refusing Bermudo’s bribe since you might be just about the “chosen one” of this land and everyone knows that those characters will all the time decide to do the best thing. Oh well, when you decide to refuse Bermudo’s offer, he’ll fight you in an try and kill you. Since you are not any idiot, you’ll have to fight him back with all the things you’ve got, and your Pawns will follow through, in fact. After all, this can be a fair fight.

Once you’re taking down half his HP, Captain Brant will come and apprehend him. He will interrogate him in hopes of getting any form of intel that might assist you to out with the false Sovren dilemma. Wait for a few days – or sleep at an inn or wait on a bench – after which visit Captain Brant. He will reveal Bermudo is, the truth is, an agent of Battahl, provide you with 1000’s of gold, and complete the hunt for you.

Dragons Dogma 2 Bermudo Captain Brant
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What should do about Bermudo?

The most suitable option, by far, is selecting to refuse Bermudo’s bribe, fight him, after which seek advice from Captain Brant. Not only will you receives a commission a similarly sized sum of money, but discovering that Bermudo is a Battahl agent will assist you to out in a future quest that may have you enter Battahl, so it’s a alternative that can reward you each within the short and long run, which could be very necessary in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and its quest system. Otherwise, be prepared to take some extra steps down the road to Battahl.

See? Being the nice guy surely pays out! It isn’t mandatory for this quest, but hiring Pawns will make this and lots of more quests easier, so you’ll want to carry a celebration filled with them. You may even bring your mates’ Pawns when you want!

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