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World of Warcraft Plunderstorm: How to Play, Schedule, and More

This mode caught us all by surprise, but still, it’s going to see us all facing one another for victory. Here is every thing it’s essential learn about World of Warcraft Plunderstorm.

How to play WoW Plunderstorm

Let’s address the elephant within the room: to get to play World of Warcraft Plunderstorm, you will have to have an lively World of Warcraft subscription. Once you update WoW to version 10.2.6, you will note a latest mode available on the principal screen.

All it’s essential do is click on it and join a match by clicking the “Join Game” button on the lower a part of your screen. All WoW players will have the opportunity to enjoy this event and also you won’t have to own the Dragonflight expansion to be a part of it.

Can you create a custom character in WoW Plunderstorm?

Wow Plunderstorm Character Customization

While you may select the race and customize the looks of your character, you is not going to have the opportunity to create any custom builds or select skills, talents, spells, and every thing that might set you other than the norm. This is because all the battle royale concept relies on making players battle it out with the identical starting conditions, allowing them to choose up various tiers of skills and spells that they will use to win and dominate. Some Renown rewards will unlock cosmetic gear, so make sure to pick those out and use them to make sure you remain unique and trendy.

All maps in WoW Plunderstorm

Currently, there is simply one map in World of Warcraft Plunderstorm which is Arathi Highlands. The former home of the Arathor nation, it’s now a spot of conflict between the Alliance, the Horde, and wild creatures that lurk around the world. Of course, this makes up for an ideal battleground for senseless battle royale matches – which may get extremely chaotic. There are some places here you can exploit to level up quickly, so make sure to explore the keeps and bases that lie on this plains region.

Wow Plunderstorm Map

How long will WoW Plunderstorm last?

While the discharge of Plunderstorm was heavily teased throughout the previous weeks and months, there isn’t a actual confirmation on when this event will end. The only information we now have is that it’s a timed event, so that you won’t have the opportunity to plunder ceaselessly. While it could or may not come back, we will still attempt to guess when will WoW Plunderstorm end because of the World of Warcraft roadmap for 2024:

Wow Roadmap 2024

We could either enjoy Plunderstorm as much as the beginning of Dragonflight season 4 or the discharge of Dark Heart – that’s, version 10.2.7. That would mean we could enjoy Plunderstorm for a few months. Online chatter suggests it’s going to only last six weeks, but until there’s confirmation, we’ll just need to blindly plunder until we will now not do it.

So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to choose the perfect skills in Plunderstorm and redeem your Renown rewards and also you will probably be all set for this pirate-themed battle royale, Blizzard style.

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