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Is the plus-5% mortgage rate environment here to remain?

“We get with first-time homebuyers this incredible fear of missing out, and we are able to’t recreate and re-present environments which can be now not here,” he explained. “I tell my clients. It’s like the value of gold. Gold was once $300 an oz – well, now it’s $2,000 an oz.

“I can’t return and buy it at $300, nor can I present a 5% rate of interest choice to you. What do you must do now in the present environment?”

The graph illustrating long-term US mortgage rate trends, Leibowitz said, offers an illustration of how lucky homebuyers have been for the last 15 years because of that unexpected series of events.

“It doesn’t help my first-time homebuyers but if you happen to put it into context, if you happen to take a look at where we are actually, we’re still higher than we were within the Eighties and Nineteen Nineties for essentially the most part and principally in the identical environment that we were for the complete period leading as much as the worldwide financial crisis, which was a really robust time,” he said.

Is it time for borrowers to get used to the present rate environment?

Housing supply will remain way more of a challenge than it was in prior a long time, he said, with little indication that the US’s sluggish pace of construction or recent listings will pick up imminently.

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