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10 Little Habits that Can Result in Divorce (and The right way to Avoid Them)

This is the primary habit that can drive your marriage toward the sting of disaster– living as if you have got all of it together, that you simply’re smart enough, or that you simply don’t need Jesus.

It’s interesting that the majority Christians have concluded that “I can not do life without God,” yet many have a tough time applying that very same revelation to their marriage: they need to be their very own Savior. When life gets messy, when storms come, they run to a book, conference, or person for advice. They live, day out and in, without acknowledging their need for God, after which crying out for His presence to be tangible of their home and marriage. 

There isn’t any one formula for an ideal marriage, but there are recipes for disaster. Letting these habits shape your destiny is dangerous.

Instead of succumbing to marriages best depicted as “mediocre,” let’s be the couples who rise to the defense of strong, Christian marriages, who proclaim, “it is feasible” and, “yes! We are thriving”.

Father, help us to diligently work on establishing good habits in our marriages, that the world would have a look at how we treat our spouses and see it as a mirrored image of how you’re keen on your people. Your plan is to hitch two individuals and for them to not be separated; may this be our goal also. We need to see the divorce rate within the church plummet as we seek to honor you in our marriages and love our spouses well. 

Malinda Fuller and her husband Alex have served at several churches and para-church organizations within the U.S. and Canada for over a decade. Malinda wields truth and charm through the words on her blog and has also contributed content for Relevant, Thrive Moms and The Influence Network. Malinda and Alex currently reside in Southern California, where they’re homeschooling their daughters, working in ministry and attempting to not complain in regards to the continuous sunshine.

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