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How to seek out the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA Online to unlock festive sweaters

Rockstar is spicing up its usual holiday event in Grand Theft Auto Online with the addition of the Happy Holidays Hauler, a randomly spawning truck that drops presents for well-behaved criminals courtesy of eCola. Finding the truck even unlocks exclusive holiday clothing items.

Where to Find the Happy Holidays Hauler in GTA Online

The Happy Holidays Hauler begins its route at Legion Square in Los Santos, driving north to Paleto Bay before returning home. It only spawns as a component of a random event, which may be frustratingly infrequent as most GTA Online players know.

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To start the Happy Holidays Hauler event, there are a number of prerequisites that have to be met. First, not less than two players have to be present in your session. This doesn’t need to be a public session though, so you may create an invite-only lobby for you and your pals. This is identical strategy that works for other GTA Online holiday events just like the Gooch and the Weazel Plaza Shootout.

Image: PC Invasion

In addition to meeting the minimum player count, you could be outside in free roam and never inside any buildings or businesses. The session must even be not less than 60 minutes old before the truck will show up. After the event ends, the Happy Holidays Hauler has a one-hour cooldown before it may reappear.

Remember that the Happy Holidays Hauler event is random, so you’ll have to loaf around Legion Square for some time before it appears. Once the event spawns, nonetheless, you’ll receive a notification in the highest left corner of your screen. The truck is not going to stop once it begins its route, and it’ll drop a gift every 90 seconds that may be collected by driving into it.

How to Get the Festive Sprunk and eCola Sweaters in GTA Online

The fundamental reason players would wish to hunt down the Happy Holidays Hauler is to acquire the brand new holiday-themed eCola and Sprunk sweaters. These cosmetic items are present in the presents dropped by the truck, but they seem at random. The presents normally contain money, snacks, ammo, and RP, but every one has a likelihood of dropping one in all the sweaters.

Gta Online Holiday Gifts
Image: Rockstar Games

Keep in mind that just one player can collect each present, so attempting to unlock the sweaters in a public session or with a big group of friends shouldn’t be the very best technique to go about it. Even a smaller public session is a recipe for disaster. While the truck itself can’t be stopped or destroyed, there’s nothing stopping players from blowing you up or stealing your presents. It’s not well worth the risk whenever you don’t know in case your fellow gamers are feeling naughty or nice.

You’ll also have to collect a bunch of presents since there are two sweaters to unlock and so they only drop separately. The Happy Holidays Hauler’s route along the highway is an extended one, but you would possibly get unlucky and end the event missing one in all the sweaters. If that happens, you’ll have to wait one other hour for the event to respawn.

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Once you unlock the brand new sweaters, there’s not much reason to look out for the Happy Holidays Hauler anymore. You can still collect money, RP, and other rewards when you follow it around, but your time is healthier spent elsewhere this holiday if you desire to maximize your money gains. Plus, there are latest festive surprises just like the deadly yeti of the Chiliad wilderness that you possibly can spend your time on.

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