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Dead Cells team annouces Windblown, a flashy, action-packed rougelite

The studio behind Dead Cells dropped a surprise trailer for an all-new action-packed rougelite game throughout the 2023 Game Awards, and it looks to be an electrifying adventure. Titled Windblown, developer Motion Twin calls its forthcoming release “Dead Cells’ hyperactive, sugar-rushed 3D sibling.”

Windblown is ready to debut in early access in 2024. The trailer shows a trio of characters fighting for vengeance and includes gameplay clips showing fast-paced fighting mechanics in an open environment paying homage to a few of the very best platform games on PC.

“In Windblown, players turn into Leapers – warriors fighting to guard their home, The Ark, from the big and deadly Vortex and its Sentinel minions,” in keeping with a press release that accompanied the reveal. “Like a bolt of lightning, players will freely dash through stunning open stages where each run is teeming with secrets to uncover. Players will probably be challenged to beat the percentages in relentless battles against the Vortex’s Sentinels, hell-bent on taking them down and starting their run anew.”

Dead Cells is a well-liked rogue-lite, metroidvania-inspired platforming game. While the Windblown trailer shows inspiration from Dead Cells, the sport appears much faster-paced and stuffed with high-octane motion.

Unfortunately, because it won’t enter early access in 2024, it may very well be some time until roguelike fans see Winblown’s full release. Until then, take a look at our guides to the very best roguelike and roguelite games and the best PC games.

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