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Kate Middleton Got a Wealthy Hair Color Update for Winter

As is tradition with the royal family, Kate Middleton‘s beauty selections are… well… traditional. The Princess of Wales has all the time gone a timeless route along with her makeup, nails, and hair; though if she’s going to have just a little fun with any of those, it is the latter. While you’ll likely never see Middleton with platinum blonde or fiery red hair, she definitely partakes in just a little hair dye now and again — though her hair color timing is kind of traditional, too. For example, identical to so lots of us go a bit darker for fall or winter, the princess did exactly that as we entered the last month of the 12 months.

Middleton has been wearing her gorgeous, long layers with all-over honey highlights that lightened her overall tone without crossing over into blonde and even bronde territory, so it was decidedly still brunette. But we didn’t realize quite how light it was until she darkened it right into a super-rich darker brown tone.

The princess debuted the deeper hue at London’s Royal Albert Hall on November 30, where it was styled right into a super-glossy, smooth style that gleamed just like the collar of her blue Safiyaa gown. But it wasn’t until today that we got a superb glimpse of the colour in natural sunlight. And we are able to confirm: Middleton is certainly done with golden highlights — a minimum of for now.

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