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Cybertruck: Future or Failure? | RECOIL OFFGRID

As we glance towards the longer term of automotive technology, Tesla’s Cybertruck emerges as a possible game-changer, or perhaps, an ambitious experiment. This futuristic electric pickup has generated considerable buzz, but because it finally steps on to the market, questions arise about its role within the evolving landscape of off-road vehicles.

Design and Development

Unveiled in November 2019 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the Cybertruck’s design was unlike anything seen before within the pickup truck market. Its sharp, angular lines and a stainless-steel exterior promised a revolution in vehicle design. Musk initially promised deliveries by 2021, yet the timeline for the Cybertruck has seen multiple delays, with its first production shift set for 2022, after which to 2023​​​​.

Photo of the Tesla Cybertruck in a showroom.

Pricing: A Spectrum of Options

The Cybertruck offers a variety of models with various capabilities and costs. The base model, a rear-wheel-drive with a single electric motor, carries a price tag of $60,990. For those in search of more power and flexibility, the twin and three electric motor models, each featuring all-wheel drive, are priced at $79,990 and $99,900, respectively​​. This pricing strategy places the Cybertruck out of reach for some consumers, and more into the hands of hardcore off-road enthusiasts.

Photo of the Tesla Cybertruck driving on a desert road.

Production Challenges and Technological Advancements

Despite its modern design, the Cybertruck’s journey to production has not been without its challenges. Musk has openly discussed the difficulties in ramping up production, attributing some delays to the event of Tesla’s recent 4680 battery cell. This battery technology is crucial for the Cybertruck, because it goals to support the production of over 1,000 vehicles per week​​​​. These production challenges raise questions on the feasibility and readiness of such a groundbreaking vehicle.

Concept photo of the inside of a Tesla Cybertruck.

Off-Road Marvel or Questionable Experiment?

The Cybertruck finally hit the pavement November 30, 2023, and it stands at a crossroads. On one hand, it represents a daring step into the longer term, potentially redefining the off-road vehicle segment with its electric powertrain and unique design. On the opposite hand, the delays and production challenges hint on the complexities and uncertainties involved in bringing such a novel concept to market.

The Cybertruck’s impact on the electrical vehicle market and its suitability as an off-road vehicle remain to be seen. Will it’s a marvel that sets recent standards for electric off-road vehicles, or will it’s remembered as an ambitious but ill-fated experiment? The answer lies in its performance, public reception, and the power of Tesla to beat the production hurdles it currently faces. Whether it should revolutionize the market or function a cautionary tale of over-ambition, the Tesla Cybertruck is undoubtedly one of the intriguing automotive developments of our time.

URL: tesla.com/cybertruck

Photo of the Tesla Cybertruck driving on the road.


  • Q: Will the Cybertruck have autopilot?
    A: Every model will feature Tesla’s self-driving autopilot feature, and the corporate says it should offer Full Self-Driving as an option (source).
  • Q: How long is the wait for Cybertruck?
    A: At planned production rates, and the variety of pre-orders accrued so far, it might take greater than 4 or five years to receive one (source).
  • Q: Will Cybertruck have a steering wheel?
    A: The design is a fusion of yoke and round wheel styles, featuring touch-sensitive buttons (source).
  • Q: How many individuals are on the Cybertruck waitlist?
    A: As of September, 2023, in keeping with one user-managed tally, the Cybertruck has topped two million reservations ahead of its official launch (source).
  • Q: Will Cybertruck have outlets?
    A: The Tesla Cybertruck has three power outlets, two of that are 110 volt and one is a 220 volt output (source).
  • Q: Will Cybertruck slot in a standard garage?
    A: The length of an ordinary garage in North America is from 20 to 24 feet. According to Musk’s comments throughout the Q2 call, Cybertruck will slot in a 20 feet garage. “This is the primary truck that we’re aware of that could have 4 doors, over a six-foot bed, and can fit right into a 20-foot garage,” he said (source).

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