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How to resolve the Skull Rock puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll encounter quite just a few puzzles, including one you may access only after clearing Act One of the story. Here’s the right way to solve the Skull Rock puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you’ve gotten each area’s Pillar restored with its respective orb, you might have noticed there’s an additional, second Pillar on an island in Dazzle Beach. It turns on the market’s actually a reason and purpose behind that second pillar. After you clear Act One of the story, search for an Orb of Unity lying on the bottom where you and The Forgotten stopped the spell. You can put the orb within the Pillar to trigger a mysterious puzzle. If you’ve began that puzzle and it has confused you as much because it did me, I even have you covered.

How to Complete ‘Between Skull Rock and a Hard Place’ puzzle

Once you set the orb contained in the pillar, runes appear within the sand in a circle on the little island. A quest starts called ‘Between Skull Rock and a Hard Place’. While it’s framed as a Merlin quest, for those who seek advice from him he has no idea what’s happening.

Skull Island Runes
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There isn’t any hint given as to what you will have to do. Instead, information comes by studying the symbols of the runes. They match the symbols contained in the orbs of the opposite Pillars.

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It seems you literally should move the pillars. Did you realize you might do this? I sure didn’t.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Solve The Skull Rock Puzzle Pillar Move
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Each Pillar needs to be moved onto its respective rune. When you’re finished, it should appear like this:

Pillar Solution
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Frosted Heights belongs within the front, followed by Forest of Valor, Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and at last Forgotten Lands.

Now you will have solved the Skull Rock puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The quest only completes when you seek advice from Merlin. Nothing further comes of it for now. Presumably, whatever happened to Skull Rock will turn out to be relevant in a future story update.

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