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What to Expect From Season 4 of ‘The Boys’ — Trailer Breakdown and More

The highly-anticipated fourth season of ‘The Boys’ is, eventually, on the horizon. What’s in store?

The Season 4 trailer for The Boys,  which premiered on the CCXP fan convention in Brazil, teases a season full of political chaos as our dysfunctional anti-hero team is on the brink. 

With foreboding narration about turning the world’s masses against one another, this season is certain to be essentially the most far-reaching and universally consequential. As society collapses into disarray — with two sides at one another’s throats in a vision all too just like today’s political climate — Homelander looks on with a joyful, menacing smirk. (Rather than liberals and conservatives, we’ve got those that support superhuman intervention and those that don’t.) Homelander’s plan: swoop in and be the hero once catastrophe has left society begging for a solution beyond themselves. Like “Caesar,” he says to the lady narrating, whose motivations remain unclear. Yet, if she’s helping Homelander, she’s a baddie. Her name is Sister Sage, and he or she is played by Susan Heyward; she’s going to likely be a magic user, falling right into a more sorcery-esque category than her Vought contemporaries. 

The trailer also shows more superhumans joining the soiree; Firecracker (Valorie Curry of The Tick, The Lost Symbol) appears to be a Fox News fever dream as a girl in a decent, red, white, and blue spandex suit with bullets wrapped round her torso. There’s also a young girl with snakes where her tongue needs to be — a more grotesque tackle Medusa. And, we see Mother’s Milk come up against a person who can replicate his body by splitting on the seams (in a stomach-flipping visual). And, in fact, the trailer provides that customary splash of sexual deviancy we’ve come to expect.

Unfortunately, Victoria Neuman appears one step closer to becoming the United States Commander in Chief, as she might be America’s VP. Homelander’s impressionable son Ryan appears to be following in his biological father’s footsteps, throwing a person tons of of feet through the air and right into a towering constructing. Thanks, Homelander. What an ideal influence you’re shaping as much as be. Finally, Jeffrey Dean Morgan enters the fray as someone who appears to be from Homelander’s past, mocking the nickname “The Boys.”  

While the trailer gives us an honest bit of information to chew on, the official plot description reads as follows: 

“The world is on the brink. Victoria Neuman is closer than ever to the Oval Office and under the muscly thumb of Homelander, who’s consolidating his power. Butcher, with only months to live, has lost Becca’s son in addition to his job as The Boys’ leader. The remainder of the team are fed up along with his lies. With the stakes higher than ever, they’ve to seek out a method to work together and save the world before it’s too late.”

With the team at odds, what’s going to reunify them? Will Butcher’s team come together to avoid wasting Ryan? According to showrunner Eric Kripke, season 4 will delve into the fight for fatherhood between Butcher and Homelander, Kripke told Collider

“Both Butcher and Homelander have excellent reasons to fight over Ryan, since the stakes couldn’t be higher. If Ryan goes Homelander’s way after which there’s two Homelanders on the earth, then that’s a nightmare for the planet. If Butcher can get Ryan into the sunshine, then that’s probably actually the perfect weapon they’ve against Homelander. It’s all the time been a show about family, and a lot of Season 3 was about fathers, so I believe it is sensible that Season 4 is about sons.” 

In line with the parent-child focus, Simon Pegg will return as Hughie’s father and Rosemarie Dewitt (Rachel Getting Married, The Estate, The Professor) will join the ensemble as Hughie’s mom. 

With Homelander and Butcher fighting over Ryan and a morally gray Victoria Neuman rising to power, The Boys season 4 might be a violent, action-packed, emotionally destabilizing, political dark superhero thriller with unexpected twists and turns…and Vic is certain to explode some heads (literally and metaphorically). 

A release date has yet to be announced, but you’ll be able to stream spinoffs Gen V and The Boys Presents: Diabolical on Amazon Prime as you wait for season 4. 

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