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This AI Fitness Model Makes $11,000 a Month | Entrepreneur

Aitana Lopez is a pink-haired 25-year-old model from Barcelona who enjoys video games, cosplay, and figuring out. She has 149,000 Instagram followers and earns a powerful $11,000 a month in brand deals.

And, as her initials indicate, she’s entirely generated by AI.

Aitana is the creation of The Clueless, an AI modeling agency in Spain that, in line with their website, designs “thoughtful, long-lasting models that beautifully represent diverse personalities.”

According to Rubén Cruz, Aitana’s creator and founding father of The Clueless, he created her because too many real influencers he worked with were unpredictable and costing his firm money.

“Many projects were being placed on hold or canceled because of problems beyond our control. Often, it was the fault of the influencer or model,” Cruz told Euronews.

The solution was to create a sexy model with all of the assets people want — minus the attitude.

“We did it in order that we could make a greater living and never be depending on other individuals who have egos, who’ve manias, or who just intend to make numerous money by posing,” says Cruz.

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How Aitana Was Born

Cruz stresses that he didn’t create Aitana overnight after just a few random DALL-E queries. His design team meticulously crafted her life to mirror a “strong and determined woman.” Every facet of her personality is fastidiously calibrated to appeal to online fans and types.

“Lots of thought has gone into Aitana,” he told EuroNews. “We created her based on what society likes most. We thought in regards to the tastes, hobbies, and niches which have been trending lately.”

For example, he says her hair is pink to mirror the form of gamer culture. She doesn’t smile on a regular basis to point out that she’s complicated and slightly self-centered. She’s an extrovert but additionally has a caring, sensitive side.

The Clueless design team schedules her activities every week, from traveling to Madrid to dressing up like Trinity from The Matrix.

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A Virtual Success Story

The creation of a virtual influencer appears to be paying off.

Aitana might not be real, but her fans are. She’s piqued curiosity and engagement on IG, leaving some admirers shocked that she’s AI. In particular, one Latin-American actor with tens of millions of followers texted Aitana for a date, in line with Cruz.

Since Aitana first debuted last summer, Cruz says his agency has been bombarded by brands with requests to create custom-tailored AI ambassadors.

But Cruz and The Clueless even have their critics. Many see the trend as taking money out of the pockets of real-life influencers, making a world where people do not know who’s real and who’s fake.

Others express concern over the unrealistic standards AI models may set, perpetuating a highly sexualized image in marketing. They fear that her digitally enhanced looks may lead to negative self-comparisons and feelings of inadequacy amongst young girls.

However, Cruz argues that AI models like Aitana keep the marketplace competitive by enabling brands with smaller budgets to afford social influencers, who can command as much as $10,000 per post.

He says that creating sexy influencers like Aitana mirrors what the marketplace demands.

“If we do not follow this aesthetic, brands won’t have an interest. To change this method, you will have to vary the vision of the brands. The world basically is sexualized.”

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, a recent star emerges from the synthetic fabric of cyberspace. Aitana López, a 25-year-old pink-haired virtual model hailing from Barcelona, is just not just any influencer – she’s the creation of The Clueless Agency, designed entirely by artificial intelligence. With her impressive monthly earning potential of as much as €10,000, Aitana is testament to a groundbreaking shift within the promoting landscape.

Conceived amidst a business slump last summer, Aitana was the answer to the unpredictable and infrequently problematic nature of working with real-life influencers. “We endeavored to make a model that would represent brands without the standard setbacks,” explains Rubén Cruz, Aitana’s creator and founding father of The Clueless Agency. Their initiative paid off; Aitana has turn into a success, securing contracts with corporations like Big, a sports complement brand, and charming an ever-growing social media audience.

With greater than 121,000 followers on Instagram, Aitana’s virtual existence piques curiosity and engagement, leaving some admirers shocked upon discovering her digital origins. In particular, one Latin American actor with tens of millions of followers approached the AI model for a date, unaware that Aitana lacked physical form. The creators have meticulously crafted her life, from weekly activities to travel escapades, all without stepping outside the digital realm.

Aitana’s designers will not be stopping there. They’ve already introduced a second virtual model, Maia, and are seeing an uptick in requests from brands desperate to develop their very own AI ambassadors – a trend that would reduce the astronomical costs related to celebrity endorsements.

However, this recent wave of perfection has not been met without skepticism. Critics express concern over the unrealistic standards these models may set, alongside the perpetuation of a highly sexualized image in marketing.

Despite such debates, The Clueless Agency stands by their creation, emphasizing a mirrored image of current trends reasonably than the establishment of latest norms. As the dialogue around virtual influencers continues, Aitana’s existence may herald a future where AI and the aesthetics of up to date society coalesce to redefine branding and sweetness.

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