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Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke Look Like Twins With These Matching Hairstyles

Uma Thurman and Maya Hawke were determined to confuse fellow guests on the Room To Grow’s twenty fifth Anniversary Gala, held on October 25;  they wore not only similar outfits but matching hairstyles as well. When we first saw pictures of the mother-daughter duo, we thought the end-of-the-day slump was affecting our eyesight because we were seeing double when in truth, Thurman and her daughter simply decided to coordinate their looks from head to toe. 

Seeing them standing side by side, you possibly can see how they each have all-black outfits and their hair slicked back into a good style. Despite the matchy-matchy vibes, their looks are different in subtle ways. Hawke wore pants, a jacket, and a Prada shoulder bag while her mother had on a dress, coat, and a black clutch in her hand. 

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Similarly, their hairstyles are barely different. Hawke’s hair, normally a blonde shag cut with bangs, was brushed back into a good bun rolled into a little bit donut on her crown. Her mother’s blonde hair, then again, was slicked right into a low ponytail. From the side, you possibly can see that a few of her hair was wrapped across the ponytail base. 

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