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Small, Compact But Still Super Vivid

Today I’ve got something really exciting to share…

A Look At One Of The BEST EDC Flashlights On The Market Today

Because I wish I had a strong, lightweight flashlight after I was a child.

But things were different back then…

I vividly recall hauling around an excellent heavy Maglite.

Why? Because, on the time, they were the perfect flashlight available.

But not anymore…

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Flashlights In the 80s…

There I used to be, a strapping young lad raised on a small farm within the early ’80s.

I carried that heavy flashlight around (the one with three D-cell batteries).

Just so I could see what I used to be doing on the break of day.

Morning chores ya know.

I also recall many late nights holding that Maglite.

Holding it regular so my Dad could swap out a broken bearing on our mix (or some such farm repair).

Trust me:

Your shoulder goes numb after holding a Maglite for 3 hours straight.

Yet it was much better for my arm to go numb than to “get lazy with the flashlight.”

My Dad doesn’t accept “lazy” or “can’t.”

Boy, I wish I had a Firehawk tactical flashlight in my pocket back then…

A New Breed Of Compact Flashlights

So along comes modern technology, the shrinking of components, and the increases in efficiency…and all that.

Let’s say the LED modified the world of the tactical flashlight for the higher.

Here are 3 reasons that is THE flashlight I carry every day:

1. Extremely Well Built

First off, these FireHawks are rock solid.

They have a “solid feel” to them.

It’s hard to explain, but while you feel it….

FireHawk Precision Cut Screw Grooves

Precision Cut Screw Grooves

And it’s the little things that provide you with a well-built impression.

When you unscrew the tail cap so as to add your single AA battery, you’ll notice that the threads are clean and precise.

Also, a rubber gasket keeps the battery chamber water-resistant in case it rains.

This EDC flashlight has two strategic diamond print patterns machined into the aircraft-grade aluminum body.

These patterns are perfectly situated right where you would like a great grip most.

Removable Tail End Cap

Removable Tail End Cap

It also has deep grooves where your fingers make contact.

This helps ensure it’s not the flashlight’s fault in case you drop it.

Firehawk Deep Grooves and Diamond Pattern

Firehawk Deep Grooves and Diamond Pattern

And in case you do drop it…it could possibly handle that, too.

Unless, in fact, you’re getting down to break it on purpose. Like dropping it off a twenty-story constructing.

But this tough little flashlight will survive lots of 5-foot tumbles.

The belt clip can also be quite strong, securing your FireHawk in your pocket (or in your belt) so it’s there when needed.

I’m impressed with how much heft these FireHawks have for such a small package.

It’s still ridiculously lighter (and smaller) than a full-size Maglite.

But it’s surprisingly heavy and dense for its small size.

FireHawk In Hand

FireHawk In Hand

Which is a testament to its high-quality construction and use of dense metal.

2. Brightest Pocket Flashlight I Own

The real brilliant spot (pun intended) with this flashlight is the variety of lumens this little guy produces.

It’s specified for as much as 300 lumens.

Whether camping, searching for your electrical panel at midnight, working in your lawnmower, or bugging out, this powerful EDC flashlight can light up your world.

Plus, you possibly can control its brightness with the sliding tip.

It has each spill lighting and spotlighting settings.

FireHawk Slider All The Way Out

FireHawk Slider Out

Slide it back for full spill lighting and slide all of it the way in which forward for tight spotlighting.

The sliding tip has just the proper amount of resistance.

Too much resistance would make it difficult to slip, and too little would allow it to move independently.

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