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How to play co-op in Endless Dungeon – is Endless Dungeon crossplay?

Endless Dungeon is a recent rogue like game from Amplitude Studios, creators of other games within the Endless franchise comparable to Dungeon of the Endless. This rogue like game has elements of the tower defense and twin-stick shooter genres, nevertheless it’s also a game deeply rooted in co-op play. While it’s possible to play and complete the sport alone, Endless Dungeon truly shines when you’ve got a celebration to hitch you. Which begs the query, how does co-op work in Endless Dungeon?

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How to play co-op in Endless Dungeon

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Endless Dungeon’s co-op mode doesn’t feature any matchmaking. You won’t give you the chance to matchmake with strangers online to experience the sport. While that is unlucky and may make games somewhat cumbersome, co-op continues to be a crucial aspect of the sport. Another thing to notice before diving into co-op is that this game doesn’t feature any offline multiplayer in any respect. Couch play is non-existent for this game, so that you’ll have to be connected to the Internet if you need to play multiplayer in any respect.

To play multiplayer in Endless Dungeon, you’ll have to first complete the tutorial mission. Afterwards, you’ll just have to go to the Main Menu, and click on the co-op option. If you need to host the session, you’ll need to pick out the “Host” option, where you possibly can create a room and play with friends. When twiddling with friends, you’ll share progress together with your friend.

Note: Unfortunately, Endless Dungeon does not support crossplay. This means PC players and console players won’t give you the chance to play Endless Dungeon together. All players must share the identical system. If you’re going into Endless Dungeon as a PC player hoping to play with friends on Xbox, you’ll be dissatisfied. Be sure you recognize this getting into.

Endless Dungeon is now available on Steam, in addition to Playstation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

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