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What’s a Demonic Wisp in Blox Fruits explained

Blox Fruits only goes from strength to strength within the wide world of Roblox. With update 16, a complete recent enemy was added, and with them got here the addition of the Demonic Wisp. The Demonic Wisp is a recent item in Blox Fruits which has left a number of players wondering about their use.

Blox Fruits is at all times updating and adding recent elements for the players to enjoy. The many dedicated players are sometimes treated to recent updates to explore and implement into their builds.

How to Get a Demonic Wisp in Blox Fruits

To get your hands on a Demonix Wisp in Blox Fruits, you’ll first have to give you the chance to access the Third Sea. This is a late-game area reserved for under the perfect Blox Fruits players. Once you will have made your method to the Third Sea, you’ll have access to the Haunted Castle, where you’ll give you the chance to gather the Demonic Wisp. 

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However, it isn’t that straightforward. You might want to kill the Demonic Souls that live throughout the Haunted Castle. These have a probability to drop the Demonic Wisp in Blox Fruits. These guys are capable of use flame fruits, strong punches, and C moves. This makes them a tough foe to fight. 

How to make use of a Demonic Wisp in Blox Fruits

The Demonic Wisp have a number of uses in the sport. They are used to create two different Katanas in the sport leading to some pretty serious weaponry. 

  • Cursed Dual Katana – Demonic Wisp x 10, Mini Tusk x 10, and Scrap Metal x 60. To create this katana, you need to have 350 mastery in each Yama and Tushita. Once you will have this, you need to also complete the Cursed Dual Katana Puzzle.
  • Hallow Scythe – Scrap Metal x 25, Bones x 800, and Demonic Wisp x 8. Once you will have collected these resources, you possibly can create this katana along with your Demonix Wisp in Blox Fruits.

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