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Taser Laws in Maryland: Legal or Not?

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When it involves self-defense, the default selections for most people are either guns or pepper spray with little or no in between.

But it seems there may be a fairly good “in-between” selection in the shape of a taser. It’s more decisive than pepper spray, but far less prone to end in a everlasting injury or death in comparison with a firearm.

This makes them a lovely selection for some individuals who don’t need a gun for whatever reason. But despite getting used with law enforcement for many years now, tasers still aren’t legal for civilians in every single place. How about in Maryland? Can you will have a Taser legally in Maryland?

Yes, tasers are legal in Maryland. You should buy and possess a taser and carry one openly and not using a permit so long as you’re 18. However, you’ll must get a background check and you almost certainly can’t carry one concealed and not using a permit.

Maryland is somewhat restrictive concerning a number of weapons laws, and tasers are not any different, although surprisingly Maryland is way less strict than another states so far as tasers are concerned.

There’s also a worrying lack of a precise definition concerning what category electronic control devices fall into amongst other weapons. There’s more you will have to know, so keep reading.

How are Tasers Classified in Maryland?

Tasers are form of in a funny spot in Maryland because they get a precise definition in a single section, but that definition doesn’t tell us precisely what form of category of weapons they fall into.

This is critically essential for interpreting the remaining of the weapons-related statutes and, vitally, weapons-related crimes!

Looking below at section 4-109 we see that tasers easily fall into the definition of an “electronic control device,” which is a conveyable device designed as a weapon able to injuring or immobilizing someone via electric current.

Then if we seek the advice of section 4-101 covering “dangerous weapons,” we see that electronic control devices, and similar verbiage, aren’t mentioned. However, that doesn’t mean that a taser may not be construed as a dangerous weapon since it is indeed possible for one to inflict great bodily harm and even death.

Are Stun Guns Legal in Maryland?

Yes, stun guns broadly fall under the category of “electronic control device” and are legal to buy, possess and carry in Maryland.

Can You Carry a Taser Openly in Maryland?

Yes, you could openly carry a taser or a stun gun in Maryland so long as:

  • ✓ you might be legal to own the device,
  • ✓ the device itself is lawful,
  • ✓ and also you either have a permit to hold a handgun or you might be carrying the device as an inexpensive precaution against perceived danger and for no illegal purpose.

Can You Carry a Taser Concealed in Maryland?

Yes, you’ll be able to carry a taser concealed in Maryland but likelihood is good that you will need to have a concealed weapons permit so as to achieve this.

This is as a result of the paradox of section 4-101 concerning dangerous weapons. It appears that electronic control devices, and tasers and stun guns, don’t fall under the classification of dangerous weapons however the law remains to be unclear.

As such until it’s clarified, or until there may be a major precedent within the legal system, it’d be best should you had a concealed weapons permit before you made the choice to hold it concealed in public.

Are there Age Restrictions on Taser Ownership or Possession in Maryland?

Yes. You’ll should be 18 years old or older if you should purchase, possess and carry a stun gun or taser in Maryland. Note that this implies you’ll should be not less than 21 if you should carry one concealed because that’s how old you will have to be to get a concealed weapons permit.

What Do You Need to Do to Purchase a Taser in Maryland?

There are quite a number of hoops to leap through if you should purchase a taser or stun gun in Maryland even though it isn’t that bad. As mentioned, you’ve got to be not less than 18 for stars, and you furthermore mght should have a clean background.

The seller of the taser must conduct a background check and record your entire relevant information to sell you the device and they’ll furnish it to authorities upon request.

Generally, you can not have any felonies or domestic violence misdemeanors in your background together with a bunch of other violations. Check out section 4-109 covering electronic control devices for more exclusions.

Is Training Mandatory for Taser Ownership in Maryland?

No, training isn’t mandatory if you should purchase or possess a taser in Maryland, but when you should carry one concealed you need to have a concealed weapons permit and meaning you’ll must get the relevant training.

Where Can You Carry a Taser in Maryland?

You can carry a Taser anywhere that you would be able to legally take weapons, although there are many restrictions in Maryland, and particularly many cities like Baltimore and Ocean City have their very own regulations and restrictions on these devices that you simply’ll must look up.

For starters, it’s a secure assumption that you simply cannot carry your taser anywhere on private or public property that has an indication up forbidding weapons.

You can even never carry it into or on the grounds of any public school or state-owned or operated constructing. Includes courthouses and other government offices and installations in any respect levels.

Naturally, you can not carry it into the secured area of any airport or other sensitive installation, and you’ll be able to’t carry it right into a police department or sheriff’s office.

When Can You Use a Taser to Defend Yourself in Maryland?

You may only use your taser to guard yourself from a legitimate, imminent threat of illegal force getting used against you they may end in great bodily injury or death.

Tasers mustn’t ever be used simply because you were insulted, used on someone as a joke or for some other lesser purpose. Doing so is a major crime in Maryland.

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