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The 3 Best and three Worst ‘Survivor’ Seasons

Not every season of ‘Survivor’ has been glorious, but the best among the many bunch deserve infinite praise.

With Survivor season upon us, we are able to’t stop listening to podcasts from former players and reminiscing on the long-running competition show’s best seasons. Survivor began in 2000 with 16 castaways tasked with surviving the tough conditions of Borneo, Malaysia with few supplies and little food. Whoever could last the longest, or more specifically, whoever could “outwit, outplay, and outlast” would win $1 million.

But since its inception, Survivor has morphed right into a game that hinges on social strategy. The survival aspect has taken a backseat lately while players form alliances, blindside each other, and work out play with latest twists and benefits. Throughout the show’s 45 seasons, nonetheless, there have been some stinkers. On the flipside, the series has also spawned among the best reality television moments in history. So, listed below are our picks for the three best and three worst Survivor seasons.

Best: Pearl Islands (Season 7)

Survivor: Pearl Islands was one in every of the primary seasons to introduce a serious twist—a 3rd tribe of eliminated castaways. While some people hate the twist, it does spawn a very shocking moment for each viewers and players. But the true reason Pearl Islands is one in every of the all-time best Survivor seasons is due to the characters. To today, Rupert is some of the memorable players who defines what it means to be a Survivor hero, and his rivalry with Jonny Fairplay creates a real hero versus villain dynamic.

Not only that, but Pearl Islands was Queen Sandra Diaz’s first foray into the world of Survivor. She’s considered one in every of the all-time greats who is essentially the mother of Survivor’s social strategy. She showed us that a castaway’s best weapon is their tongue.

Worst: Nicaragua (Season 21)

Many people rank Nicaragua as unequivocally one in every of the worst seasons in Survivor history. Its forged is comparatively unlikable compared to other casts, so there’s barely anyone to root for. There aren’t any great strategic plays, and a double-quit on the Final 9 is just frustrating to observe. No one likes a quitter, but we especially hate it when it messes up other players’ plans to get to the top. 

The Medallion of Power was introduced and immediately nixed since it was such a useless waste of screen time. And the season’s winner is some of the disappointing (who won simply because they were essentially the most likable out of three men at the top). 

Best: Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20)

Perhaps inspired by Rupert and Jonny, Season 20 of Survivor brought back one of the best heroes and villains to ever play the sport. Because they were all returning players, they already knew survive and strategize. This season also spawned the primary two-time winner who was well-deserving of the title, although some people will argue that the runner-up must have won. 

Regardless, there have been some truly improbable moments on this season, with commentary from hilariously savage players Sandra Diaz-Twine and Courtney Yates. The villains often butted heads, but surprisingly, so did the heroes. And although the heroes were underwhelming, a successful double idol play solidifies Heroes vs. Villains as top-of-the-line Survivor seasons of all-time.

Worst: Thailand (Season 5)

The early seasons all had their challenges—in Season 1, nobody even knew what an alliance was! But Season 5 is the epitome of bad game play with unlikable characters. Almost nobody (except for Helen and Shii Ann) is redeemable, and the winner was decided based on who was the lesser of two evils. Plus, there’s even a brush with sexual harassment that’s handled by eliminating the victim as a substitute of the predator, in order that’s FUN (it’s not fun). Basically, don’t watch this season.

Best: Millennials vs. Gen X (Season 33)

Some people might argue this, but this was a spectacular newbie season from top to bottom. The season had every thing: panic attacks, showmance, blindsides, and even a stupendous coming-out moment shared between a Millennial and a Gen X. If you watch Survivor for the drama, that is the season for you. There’s even an unrequited crush!

People wish to criticize the Final Three, but all three of them deserved to be there. The winner played top-of-the-line games in Survivor history through the use of their information properly and forging the neatest connections between the tribes. The runners-up had incredible character arcs—ranging from feeling shy and inadequate, after which growing into hilarious, confident, and charming characters.

Worst: Worlds Apart (Season 30)

Most people would rank Island of the Idols (Season 39) as one in every of the worst seasons, but that season’s poorly handled sexual harassment mirrors society in a way Worlds Apart doesn’t. While the production’s mishandling of the situation overshadows the season, there are some great characters and funny quips that make some moments enjoyable. 

But Season 30 can only be described as a slog. There’s nobody fun to root for, and the winner is each predictable and undeserving. The theme is a reach too—Blue Collar vs. White Collar vs. No Collar. And in some ways, the theme only perpetuates the stereotypes of a lot of those groups. Survivor needs to be fun, and Season 30 is anything but.

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