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How to get all Wonder Seeds in Outmaway Valley in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder asks players to think outside the box as they collect Wonder Seeds, with some levels requiring special attention. Here is our guide telling you easy methods to get all of the Wonder Seeds within the Outmaway Valley level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

How to get all Wonder Seeds in Outmaway Valley in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Most levels contain no less than two Wonder Seeds. A couple of of them contain three seeds, even when that’s not immediately obvious. To get the entire Wonder Seeds in Outmaway Valley, you’ve got to survive a runaway snowball and find each level exits.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Wonder Seed #1

Work your way through the stage and pass the mid-level checkpoint. Keep going from that time until you come to an area with two yellow pipes positioned at an angle. Ahead of them, you possibly can hit a block to provide a Fire Flower. As soon as I saw those awkwardly angled pipes, I knew something was up, but not quite what.

What you’re presupposed to do is grab the Fire Flower and toss some fireballs to melt the massive block of ice to the best of those mysterious yellow pipes. Do so and also you’ll reveal a glowing point of sunshine on the bottom. Then, use a ground pound to provide a Wonder Flower, which takes you to a special dimension throughout the stage.

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The yellow pipes start to maneuver, and you discover they’re attached to a big snowball. Ride the snowball to the best, collecting coins and dodging obstacles. You will roll through the initial goal flag and keep going toward a hidden exit. Use platforms and make jumps to carry near the left portion of the large snowball. Near the top, use a ramp to leap along a high snowman, or else it is going to trap you. Reach the top of the ride to seek out your Wonder Seed.

Smb Wonder Outmaway Valley Wonder Seed 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Wonder Seed #2

Simply work your way through the extent the old-fashioned way. The first exit is just not the true exit, but you continue to get a Wonder Seed while you run the flag down the pole. Yes, meaning you’ll need to complete the stage no less than twice.

Smb Wonder Outmaway Valley Wonder Seed 3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Wonder Seed #3

You find this Wonder Seed while you lower the flag on the true end of the stage. That’s the second exit, positioned at the top of the large snowball ride you are taking to amass the extent’s first Wonder Seed. When you bring down the flag, a retainer emerges from the Flower House together with your Wonder Seed prize.

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