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Grab Atomic Heart on sale now to experience its recent DLC’s surreal dream world

Atomic Heart didn’t quite catch my attention when it first dropped, but I recently played it and quickly became hooked. Something about its off-putting utopian setting and BioShock-esque gameplay made me want more. Mundfish saw the shooter’s first DLC release earlier this 12 months and has since teased the second Atomic Heart expansion. While we don’t yet know the total ins and outs of the upcoming DLC, we’ve got a recent have a look at its surreal Limbo setting and an accompanying sale on the bottom game.

Mundfish recently showed off a few of Atomic Heart‘s recent DLC in a teaser trailer packed to the brim with offended geese. If you didn’t think it could get any stranger before, this expansion takes probably the most unsettling parts of the FPS game‘s world and amplifies them tenfold. In the teaser, the developer takes us back to Limbo, the mysterious dream-like area you might remember P-3 traversing just a few times throughout the major story.

I personally find Limbo extremely intriguing, especially as someone who loves Alice in Wonderland and all of its darker spin-offs. The dimension truthfully seems like an acid trip through considered one of American McGee’s levels in Madness Returns, and I’m so here for that. Mundfish itself says in the brand new DLC teaser that “Limbo is a wierd world with inverted logic” where we’ll face off against recent enemies with “unique weapons.”

The dev goes on to say that the DLC “will happen entirely in Limbo,” where we’ll “proceed the story after the long ending” by which P-3 wakes up in Limbo to see Right, considered one of the Twins, reaching out for him. Is P-3 stuck there without end? It seems we may finally get the answers we’ve been searching for when the second expansion and its “atypical gameplay with recent mechanics” drops.

Atomic Heart DLC screenshot showing the surreal Limbo landscape, including donut platforms and giant whales

In the brand new teaser, we get a fresh glimpse at Limbo which is as beautifully confusing as you might remember it being in-game. From chocolate cows to floating doughnuts and large whales, there are all forms of surreal environmental assets to tackle. With the way it’s all arrange within the shots, it looks as if we’ll be platforming our way up through the weirdness.

Mundfish also shows grumpy geese over again in the brand new screenshots, so we will definitely expect to battle our way through the terrifying creatures in Limbo. Honestly, out of each enemy P-3 has faced, the goose may take the cake as his scariest foe yet. If you’ve played Atomic Heart’s first DLC, Annihilation Instinct, then you definately’ll understand.

The recent DLC teaser isn’t the one exciting news from Mundfish, though. If you don’t own the bottom game, it’s currently on sale via Steam for 34% off with its price coming in at just $39.59 / £36.29. You also can opt to grab the sport’s DLC pass on sale without delay for 20% off at just $31.99 / £27.99. If you get the pass, you’ll have access to every of the Atomic Heart’s currently planned 4 expansions.

You can try our in-depth Atomic Heart weapons guide for some extra help if you should ensure the most effective possible construct prior to the brand new DLC’s arrival. Alternatively, in case you’re inquisitive about more exciting news, remember to flick through our roundup of the most effective upcoming PC games on the market to look ahead to without delay.

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