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FFXIV is finally teaming up with the enduring MMO that inspired it

Final Fantasy XIV is finally crossing over with the MMO that inspired it, as FFXI Alliance Raid Echoes of Vana’diel is coming to the sport in a series of seven.0 updates. That’s right, longtime FF MMO fans shall be over the moon to listen to that each games are coming together, ultimately.

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest 2023 in London is already well underway, and the Naoki Yoshida-presented opening stream was filled with great reveals for the MMORPG game. I’ve already put all the pieces you should know together in regards to the FFXIV latest Dawntrail Viper job, but now I’m going to dive into something else, the upcoming Alliance Raid crossover with Final Fantasy XI.

Called Echoes of Vana’diel, Yoshida revealed the brand new Alliance Raid amid the plethora of exciting announcements, saying Square Enix is “turning to our MMORPG senpai and moving into Vana’diel to get a glimpse of this excellent exciting world.”

The FFXI characters and managers you’ll meet and fight (respectively) were held off by Yoshida on stage, but he promised that old and latest fans alike will have the opportunity to “truly enjoy” the Alliance Raid.

While Yoshida didn’t say much else, we will already put together what to anticipate because of previous Alliance Raids. Echoes of Vana’diel shall be a 24-person series, and these raids are typically split into three longer missions of between five and eight encounters. If the missions follow the same old release schedules, we’re taking a look at drops in FFXIV 7.1, 7.3, after which 7.5.

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This isn’t entirely latest for FFXIV either, as while it’s amazing to see the large MMO crossing over with Square Enix’s previous Final Fantasy MMO in FFXI, the Shadowbringers Alliance Raid was a Nier Automata crossover, so longtime players can probably expect an experience much like that Alliance Raid.

If this has tipped you over the road and also you finally need to try FFXIV for yourself, we’ve broken down all the pieces in regards to the massive FFXIV sale happening without delay, which nets you the bottom game, all 4 expansions, and loads more for 50% off.

In the meantime, longtime players can get loads out of our FFXIV Island Sanctuary guide and our FFXIV Island Sanctuary animals list, for those who want some help together with your Eorzea farming activities.

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