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I’ve Never Seen Julia Fox With Curly Hair Like This

During New York Fashion Week in February, Julia Fox debuted her latest red hair and matching brows. Since then, she has let her brunette roots grow in and opted for a more muted auburn shade. Her latest hairstyle not only accentuates her dual-toned hair but additionally it’s one we have never seen her wear: voluminous barrel curls.

On October 17, Fox was spotted within the streets of London wearing a literal dry-cleaning pick-up as a dress, complete with a plastic bag covering the garments. The garment hung from her neck, but for Fox, who has a penchant for outlandish and avant-garde looks, that is just one other Tuesday outfit.

Fox’s hair was styled in big barrel curls that cascaded all the way down to her chest. If you looked up “bombshell curls” within the dictionary, an image of this exact hairstyle would show up. We love how these curls looked intentionally messy as if she just flipped her hair and ran her fingers through it just a few times before stepping out. 

You can see her dark brown hair roots clearly. The brown seamlessly transitions into the red so it’s almost hard to search out where one color ends and the opposite begins. 

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