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How to evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors

The Peachone is one in all the weapons available in Vampire Survivors that can act as a bombardment weapon, possibly clearing the map once it has leveled up enough. While it’s good to unlock it first after which get used to it, it’s a really reliable weapon when you get to comprehend it. With that being said, the Peachone could be evolved right into a rather more powerful item you should utilize to survive. So, to that end, here is evolve the Peachone in Vampire Survivors.

How to evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors

Before attempting to unlock the Peachone, you should have to unlock it because it isn’t a default weapon. Unlocking may be very easy and really open-ended: you simply must survive for 10 minutes. If you’re latest to the sport, just be patient and you’ll get the hang of it.

Anyway, once you’ve got unlocked the Peachone then you definitely may have to level it as much as Level 7. Once you do, after ending your current run you’ll unlock the Ebony Wings. This weapon is the Peachone’s matching accessory, allowing it to evolve. Level up each your Peachone and your Ebony Wings to Level 8 after which open up a chest.

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If you’ve got met all the necessities mentioned above, then you definitely will encounter the Peachone’s evolution, which is the Vandalier. This brand-new weapon will act similarly to the Peachone, but it surely covers two areas at the identical time and can include the good thing about freeing up a weapon slot since each Peachone and Ebony Wings combined into the Vandalier.

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Make one of the best out of your multi-colored Vandalier and mix it along with your other weapons. You will clear the screen without breaking a sweat. Just make sure to survive long enough and concentrate on leveling up each weapons while also being careful to not replenish your weapon slots too fast. RNG is an element of the method, but you’ll eventually get what it’s good to get your Peachone to evolve in Vampire Survivors.

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