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Where to search out Ice Chunks in Wizard with a Gun

Ice Chunks are a required resource for upgrading many bullet types in Wizard with a Gun. However, identical to every other resource, it could be hard to search out. Here is strictly find out how to get Ice Chunks in Wizard with a Gun.

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How to get Ice Chunks in Wizard with a Gun

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You don’t need the very best ammo types in Wizard with a Gun to get Ice Chunks, but we might be using probably the greatest, which is the cold bullet. The cold bullet is required to get Ice Chunks on this game, so unlock and craft those first.

To unlock, you wish some Arcane Tomes and to craft them, like the whole lot else, you wish wood and Iron Ingots. I like to recommend using the revolver or carbine as your cold bullets will do probably the most damage with those.

Now that you could have cold bullets, all that you must do is eliminate any stone enemy with a chilly bullet. The enemies I like to recommend defeating are the Mechanas, or the walking oval stone machines. These enemies are fairly weak and you possibly can defeat them before they even attack you.

You can deal damage to any stone enemy with some other bullet type, but while you go to complete them off, use a chilly bullet. If you don’t, you won’t get Ice Chunks.

In my experience, one defeated Mechana with a chilly bullet produces one Ice Chunk. So, if you must farm Ice Chunks in Wizard with a Gun, dedicate entire runs to defeating stone enemies with cold bullets.

It’s necessary to notice that defeating organic enemies like Jynxes won’t offer you Ice Chunks. The only strategy to get Ice Chunks, and this can likely get you some Glass Chunks as well, is to defeat stone enemies with cold bullets.

Good luck along with your Ice Chunk expeditions!

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