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What are tincts in Lords of the Fallen?

Lords of the Fallen is a difficult, gritty, and dark game, where you’ll be facing many an abomination and freak. With all the uncertainty and mystery, the obtainment of your first ‘tinct’ may prove mysterious and strange. I do know I used to be initially stumped as I got here across the Foresworn tinct for my Condemned character, Gimponious T. However, I used to be pleasantly surprised to learn their function. Here are what tincts are in Lords of the Fallen.

What are tincts in Lords of the Fallen?

Tincts prove to be a really fun feature that I’m sure you’ll be as joyful as I used to be to know their function. Tincts function alternate color pallets in Lords of the Fallen, so you may spruce up your look to essentially appear how you wish.

The first tinct you’ll come across in Lords of the Fallen is the Foresworn tinct. This only provides one color difference, really, so depending in your clothes, this difference could be very hard to differentiate. With my condemned character, it was only after finding another armor did I notice the slight change in color upon equipping it and removing it.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

As will be seen above, this particular tinct only provides one color change for one a part of each clothing item, so it provides a minimal difference. As you come across more complex tincts with more varied color changes, then you definitely’ll really have the option to look how you wish.

How to make use of tincts in Lords of the Fallen

To use your tincts, open up your foremost menu. On the highest are the foremost tabs that you could access, and to the very right is the Tincts tab.

Upon opening this, you’ll see your current equipment, with the list of tincts you’ve collected up to now being presented. Here, you may select and take away the tinct you wish for every individual armor piece, so you possibly can have a very varied set of apparatus for those who wished.

I believe these tincts are a incredible idea to spruce up the grim and dark experience of getting slaughtered time and time again. At least we’ll have the option to look good as we plummet to the abyss or get impaled once more by something or other. I personally can’t wait to search out the remainder of them!

I hope this clears the matter up for you! If you wish much more Lords of the Fallen help, look no further than PC Invasion.

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