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7 Ghostly Rom Coms You Should Stream This Spooky Season

We’re inching ever closer to Halloween and spooky season is in full swing. Just since it’s the season of ghouls and frights, that doesn’t mean your watchlist has to offer you nightmares. All you romantic comedy fans can take part the fun, too. Today, we’re talking about ghostly rom coms which have tidbits of the supernatural. Some are more “rom com” than others, but all have threads of romance and ghosts. Check out our list of one of the best ghostly rom coms and where to stream them.

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This appears like some other rom com, and it definitely starts that way. But as soon as Mark Ruffalo falls for the spirit of the previous renter of his latest apartment, played by Reese Witherspoon, things are anything but typical. No one else can see her, so he needs to assist her spirit pass on. But, oops, he’s falling for her at the identical time. Watch Just Like Heaven on Max.

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Here’s just a little underrated gem for you. Ricky Gervais dies for only a moment during a routine colonoscopy and when he wakes up from anesthesia, he can see ghosts. This is a nightmare for a man like him, who’s a complete people-hating loner. It’s much funnier than people give it credit for and even has a cute little romance. Watch Ghost Town on Prime Video and Paramount+.

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While Casper is usually a few cute lil’ childlike ghost living together with his crazy ghost uncles who are attempting to drive the brand new owners away, any ’90s kid will know why this movie is on the list. Nothing beats the momentarily human version of Casper, played by Devon Sawa, whispering “Can I keep you?” to Christina Ricci. Watch Casper on Netflix.

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Way more within the drama department than a comedy, no ghost romance list is complete without Ghost. After his tragic death, Sam tries to avoid wasting his lover from a terrible fate. The only trouble? He’s a ghost and might’t get his message across. The pottery wheel scene is reason enough so as to add this to your list. (And Patrick Swayze, RIP.) Watch Ghost on Max.

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There’s a wacky poltergeist, an odd and strange teen goth girl, a hilarious step mom who desires to completely redecorate every square inch of the home she just bought. And at the center of all of it, there’s the sweet romance between Adam and Barbara that’s serious couple goals even 35 years later. Watch Beetlejuice on Max.

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Ichabod Crane is just visiting Sleepy Hollow to unravel the mysterious deaths of outstanding men on the town, but how can he do this successfully when there’s the gorgeous Christina Ricci? Get ready for a spooky headless horseman, a handful of jump scares, and serious witch vibes (that also got this on our witchy rom com list). Watch Sleepy Hollow on Max.

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Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween, but when he learns of Christmas Town, it changes the whole lot in Halloween Town. Perhaps he and his lady love Sally could make a difference. Is it a child’s movie or a romance? A Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Why not the entire above? Watch A Nightmare Before Christmas on Disney+.

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