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5 Prayers for a Broken Family

Growing up, children and adults alike marveled at my household. Three children and two parents married for a long time. What I didn’t realize until later in life was that having each parents in the home was once the norm. These days, such households are the exception.

Over 20 million children in America come from fatherless homes. Depending on where you reside, that number could be as high as 60%. The older I grow to be, the clearer I see the effect of fatherless homes, and never just fatherless homes, but broken homes.

Parents who don’t get along. Children who don’t get together with their parents. There are children who don’t be in contact with their parents, out of selection. Others who don’t like, even hate their parents. Young kids with their faces stuck on screens and chasing false identities. The divorce rate is high, and so many children are born out of wedlock that a lot of them don’t see a purpose to marriage.

Certainly, there’s quite a lot of pain and suffering occurring on this planet today. How much of this pain traces back to the house, to our broken families?

Hurt people hurt people, because the adage goes. The full truth is that we’re all hurting in a technique or one other. Each of us carries a point of brokenness (Romans 3:23).

We won’t ever be perfect people on this side of life, but we will strive to be higher. Our families won’t ever be immaculate, but we will work to enhance them. And when we will’t control a circumstance, or an individual, or many individuals, we will and at all times should pray. Here are 5 prayers for a broken family.

Prayer for an End to Conflict


My family and I actually have been caught up in conflict for much too long and for thus many reasons. I don’t remember when our problems began. 

We can’t get together anymore without someone saying or doing something that offends one other, even on holidays. I’m saddened by all of this and afraid that there won’t ever be an end to the conflict.

So, I come before you now, eagerly asking you to melt our hearts, to assist us make amends with each other. I pray that we’d strive to embody the grace and forgiveness that you may have toward us. Give us kind words and mild hearts. Show us a greater option to interact. Help us end the conflict.

We’ve bickered for thus long, but conflict doesn’t must last endlessly. I pray that it won’t. Help us embrace a godly love very similar to the daddy did the prodigal son. With the hurtful past behind us, we will move forward in a healthier and united future.


Prayer for Reconciliation

Heavenly Father,

With all that’s occurring on this planet, conflict throughout the family seems like an unnecessary problem added to all of the things happening. We can, nevertheless, reconcile, but we don’t see a necessity. Everybody desires to be right, and at times, even me. Lord, I pray to you with a request to melt our hearts. Remind us of the importance of forgiveness. A grudge is a burden, one which we stock and remind ourselves of consistently. But when we elect forgiveness, we let go of the burden and decide to embrace your way of life as a substitute. Please help us to see your way as the higher way. Help us to trade words of cruelty for words of affirmation and trade resentment for reconciliation.

Your way is best.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.

Prayer for Forgiveness


If we could tally all of our sins over time, the number would exceed anything that we imagine. The number would cause us to grieve and feel shame. The number would rattling us to Hell, and yet you selected to forgive us.

I thanks for the forgiveness afforded to us through Jesus, but I could be a liar if I claimed to forgive just as easily.

Lord, my family is embroiled in animosity and even within the moments after we aren’t, the stress is palpable. We don’t like one another, and the explanation is that now we have not chosen to forgive. Too often can we act like forgiving is the top of the world. We would much reasonably have revenge than let something go.

I’m sorry, God. I ask that you just forgive me and my family. Help us to get right with you, after which get right with each other. Forgiveness is the option to living life without the necessity for retaliation, to living life joyfully with family.

Help us to forgive and grow to be more like your Son.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


We can’t erase the past. I can’t. My family can’t. But we do have control over today and the way we walk into our future. Lord, I ask that whatever hurt was done prior to now, we’d decide to forgive each other. We can’t erase the hurt, but you may heal us. Please any and all of our broken relationships. Take our family’s broken pieces and make us whole again. And as we come back together, I pray that our love might be stronger than ever before.

Thank you for hearing my prayer. Amen.

Prayer for Gratitude


I thanks for the family that I actually have. Thank you for the nice times and the bad, the times once I was in a position to serve them, and the times once I was served. I thanks for the most effective memory and the worst, the moments of laughter and the times after we couldn’t help but cry.

I could not at all times see eye to eye with my family, but I recognize the blessing in my life that’s family. I recognize that not everyone has a father, a mother, a sister, a brother, a cousin, and so forth. And so, I’m grateful for those who I do have, the moments we do share.

Thank you for being an element of our lives even after we selected not to acknowledge you. Even after we still do.

I pray that as we move forward into our future, day-to-day, you’d draw us not only closer to 1 one other but to you. And as we draw near, help us to like each other an increasing number of in a way that you may have shown.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Aaron D’Anthony Brown is a contract author, hip-hop dance teacher, and visual artist, living in Virginia. He currently contributes work to iBelieve, Crosswalk, and supports various clients through the platform Upwork. He’s an outside-the-box thinker with a penchant for difficult the establishment. Check out his short story “Serenity.”

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