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World’s tallest wood skyscraper is about to rise in Western Australia

No timber-clad tower has ever reached so high.

Down Under, a cloud-scraping pillar of a constructing has received the go-ahead from local authorities in Western Australia. 

If accomplished, the structure on South Perth’s Charles Street will likely be the tallest wood constructing on the earth. 

On Thursday, Perth’s Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment Panel gave Grange Development the green light for the behemoth, called C6 and slated to be composed of a hybrid of materials, 42% of which will likely be timber and the core of which will likely be reinforced concrete, CNN reported.

The current title-holder for the tallest wood tower — Wisconsin’s 284-foot, 25-story Ascent constructing — is lower than half of C6’s proposed 627-foot height and 50 stories.

C6 also trumps Sydney’s in-the-works Atlassian Headquarters, which is slated to face at 599 feet once complete in 2026, meaning it could get a couple of years with the tallest wood tower crown before C6 takes it. 

(A completion date has not yet been announced for C6.)

The constructing is slated to face 627 feet high.
Grange Development
Timber is taken into account a more eco-friendly material than concrete.
Grange Development

Both C6 and the Atlassian constructing will mix a steel exoskeleton with laminated timber beams in what’s being hailed as a more eco-friendly construction style. 

“We can’t grow concrete,” developer Grange’s director, James Dibble, wrote in a constructing proposal given to authorities, which referred to C6’s plan as “a recent open sourced blueprint that utilizes hybrid construction methodology to offset the carbon inside our built environment, which is the one biggest contributor to climate change,” CNN reported. 

The constructing is about to be in-built South Perth.
Grange Development
The address could have over 200 apartments.
Grange Development

“This is our opportunity to state that we genuinely care about each the housing crisis before us and the climate crisis we’re doing little or no about as an industry,” Dibble added.

Other Earth-conscious features of the record-breaker will include a rooftop garden and an urban farm. 

Also, residents of its over 200 apartments could have access to 80 entirely-electric Tesla Model 3s.

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