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Upcoming horror game is a retro Resident Evil lover’s dream come true

You Will Die Here Tonight is as interesting because it sounds. The name is eye-catching, however the gameplay and premise are much more so. If you’re taking a take a look at any of the sport’s screenshots or trailers, you could notice a nostalgic chill go down your spine. Developer Spiral Bound Interactive created its debut game as a “love letter” to beloved classics, including the primary two Resident Evil games and The House of the Dead. The developer has just revealed You Will Die Here Tonight’s specific release date, and it’s right on time for essentially the most spooktacular holiday.

When I first learned about You Will Die Here Tonight, I knew that it might stand out amongst other contemporary horror games. I had no concept that the rationale it might achieve this was nostalgia, though. Spiral Bound Interactive looked toward lots of our childhood favorites to create a classic-inspired game with modern performance. It’s the studio’s first game as a team, however it isn’t the developers’ first rodeo. Jon Williams, Spiral Bound’s founder and artistic director, previously worked on Red Dead Redemption.

Other developers from the Spiral Bound team have helped produce indie gems resembling Superliminal. You Will Die Here Tonight is a product backed by an experienced team of devs, but that’s not what draws me to its spooky puzzles. The entire setting, a cursed mansion, coupled with its fast-paced combat against the undead transports me to a less complicated time. One where I’m booting up my PlayStation after school to attempt to escape Raccoon City, or shooting down zombies on an arcade machine.

Spiral Bound has revealed the nostalgia-inducing game’s release date, and it couldn’t be higher timed than it’s. You Will Die Here Tonight launches on Tuesday, October 31. That’s right, if you happen to’re looking for something thrilling to do on Halloween that doesn’t involve copious amounts of alcohol or candy, then you could want to examine this mansion mystery experience out.

You can snag it as soon because it releases on Steam for $19.96. If you do, you’ll command a team of six unique characters attempting to escape the mansion. The game has pre-rendered top-down exploration that appears straight out of the 90s and first-person combat. I’m personally most looking forward to solving puzzles between battling zombies and learning concerning the mysterious house’s story itself.

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