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Yorktown Beach – Select a Summer Beach Town for Fresh Air, Thrill, and Rest!

Summer break means outdoor time for families. It calls for the time to soak within the sun, water, and nature’s beauty. But spending time within the open is conducive only when the air is nice. Otherwise, the summer air is notorious for pollution. Prolonged exposure to toxic air will be damaging to your body and mind. It can trigger allergic reactions, respiration difficulty, and heart problems. You can even lose energy and feel drained on a regular basis.

Hence, pick a location that guarantees clean air. Its AQI must be not less than 50. That indicates the purity level of the air. Even sensitive people will be secure no matter their time within the open. Where should or not it’s this time? How about Yorktown Beach in Virginia?

Yorktown Beach – Quality Air

MyBioSource shows Yorktown scores 50 on an AQI of 0-50. So, this single factor makes a powerful case in favor of this destination. But you might be sure about having fun with family in Yorktown should you know what this place stands for. To the uninitiated, Yorktown Beach spreads along the York River on the Hampton Roads.

Locals and tourists from Williamsburg visit this location in summer or warmer months to chill out. After all, this beach town cares for everybody, including sunbathers, swimmers, cruise enthusiasts, and art and history lovers. Since it’s a convenient location in Virginia, Yorktown earns brownie points.

Appreciate Family Bonding Time

When spending time on the beach with family, you forget all of your worries and chill out because the soothing York River views captivate your attention. You can even spot the George P. Coleman Memorial Bridge crossing over the river. At the identical time, cruise ships and other maritime activities give you a unique kind of energy to behold.

If you look farther from the downriver, a fishing pier bustling with locals might be a gorgeous addition. Get the beach chairs, skimboards, and volleyball to make a picnic on this beach a healthful experience. After spending time within the sun, you’ll be able to check the historic town’s other sides.

Off-the-Beach Activities For All

You can watch this historic town’s beauty on the trolley or Segway tours. For adventure, stand-up paddleboards and kayaks can be found. Even cruising can also be an excellent idea if everyone desires to witness this beach town’s charm together. Later, you’ll be able to visit the shopping center, local shops, restaurants, and museums. You can dine at an oceanfront restaurant to view the spectacular sunsets. Two famous museums in Yorktown are the Watermen’s Museum and the American Revolution Museum.

Watermen’s Museum is just a couple of steps from the beach, near the Riverwalk Landing. The Museum will introduce you to the life-style of the people within the Chesapeake Bay and their contributions to shaping the waterways. Kids will even have a number of enjoyment. 

And, because the name suggests, American Revolution Museum offers you a sneak peek into America’s past. You can watch exhibits and movies. They even have outdoor recreational facilities and fresh air. In Yorktown, you can too drop by the academic Museum Colonial Williamsburg.

Yorktown is reasonably priced for family trips also. Beach water is secure for swimming. And there may be rather a lot more to do and revel in here.

Ready to book your Yorktown Beach holiday? Check out my beach trip packing list and be sure you don’t forget anything!

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