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Joshua Becker’s TEDx Talk

Today, I’m thrilled to share something a bit different with you.

In May of this yr, I had the glory of standing on a TEDx stage in Hermosillo, Mexico, sharing thoughts not on minimalism, but on a subject very dear to me: Caring for orphaned and vulnerable children.

The talk, “A Better Way to Care for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children,” discusses the vital work of The Hope Effect, a nonprofit organization each of you helped bring to life.

The Hope Effect was founded through the Book Advance payments I received through my books about minimalism. But the momentum didn’t stop there. Many of you, through your generosity and belief in our mission, have been focused and intentional supporters. Ever since I first announced the nonprofit back in 2015, this community has supported it and allowed it to grow—now around the globe.

The TEDx talk isn’t only about The Hope Effect. It’s about something even larger.

It provides an summary of the research (which has been known for a long time) in regards to the detrimental effects of institutional care on young children and the importance of affection, safety, and relationship within the earliest stages of a toddler’s brain development.

I urge you to look at, share, and most significantly, allow the message to encourage motion. This community is making a HUGE difference around the globe—and I’m so proud to be a part of it!

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