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Recent game from Limbo and Inside dev gets rave reviews, already on sale

Cocoon is already available in a Steam sale and via PC Game Pass, because the debut puzzler from a studio founded by Limbo and Inside developers offers a brief but provocative experience that critics and players are celebrating.

Cocoon is the primary game from Geometric Interactive, a studio founded by former Limbo and Inside developers at Playdead, Jeppe Carlsen and Jakob Schmid, and it’s already getting rave reviews and player impressions. The puzzle game tasks you with unraveling a “cosmic mystery,” and I don’t need to say an excessive amount of else in regards to the narrative for fear of supplying you with spoilers.

You can probably beat Cocoon in a single evening if you happen to’ve got just a few hours to spare, but as players of each Limbo and Inside will let you know, it’s the variety of experience that sticks in your mind for some time afterward. If you’re unaware of Cocoon’s core puzzle conceit, it principally tasks you with jumping between worlds found inside orbs, which you may carry in your back and use to resolve each problem in truly unique ways.

There’s an eery yet contemplative atmosphere to Cocoon, with Schmid’s audio design paying homage to Hyper Light Drifter. In fact, if you happen to’re a fan of the atmosphere and world design of that game, you’re sure to seek out something you want in Cocoon as well.

Both Inside and Limbo are also on Game Pass, and while Schmid didn’t work on Limbo, you’ll absolutely also need to play these deceptively easy puzzle platformers, as they ask loads more questions than they initially let on.

You’ll even be glad to know that Cocoon is each in a Steam sale and available via PC Game Pass straight away too. You can buy Cocoon for 20% until Friday, October 13 on Steam, which brings it right down to $19.99 / £16.79, or install it straight away via Game Pass at no additional cost to your subscription.

If you wish much more like Cocoon, Inside, and Limbo we’ve put together the essential story games and platform games that it’s good to play as soon as possible, or no less than add them to your ever-expanding backlog.

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