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Beyoncé’s Latest Manicure Is Incredibly Unique — No, Really

Since Beyoncé’s Renaissance album dropped in July 2022, at literally any given moment of the day, regardless of where I’m, I’ll randomly sing out “unique” as if “Alien Superstar” is playing — I look slightly something like this, and I do know I’m not the just one. So I used to be beyond delighted to see that Beyoncé fully embraced the word when choosing a manicure for her Houston tour dates. She went all out with silver talons that spelled out “unique” on the highest and underside of every nail. 

The talons in query were painted and sculpted by nail artist Coca Michelle, who can be Megan Thee Stallion’s go-to manicurist. Upon closer inspection, Michelle created these nails on a pair of extravagant-looking, bedazzled silver gloves as an alternative of adhering them on to Queen Bey’s nails. Michelle coated each long pointy tip with a reflective silver hue, which is largely the official color of the Renaissance tour. On each tip, she appears to have adhered a bedazzled letter, adding two to every thumb, to spell out “unique” on each hand. 

Michelle also designed the underside of the talons, painting them with a pitch-black hue. Using a white polish, she wrote out “unique” again adding a letter underneath each nail and two underneath the thumb. When Bey displayed the underside of her nails, you possibly can see the word written out on each hand. 

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