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Angela Bassett Just Served Us the Bluntest Bang We have Ever Seen

I do not typically change the makeup colours I exploit when the seasons change. If I would like to wear neon eye shadows in the autumn, I’ll do it. But I do typically reach more for darker lipsticks throughout the cooler months. And Angela Bassett is giving me some serious beauty inspiration together with her latest look. The Black Panther actor paired her very blunt, straight bangs with glistening silver shadows and lipstick the colour of blood. 

On September 21, Bassett arrived on the Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS wearing a plum gown, and her straight hair fell throughout her. Her super blunt bangs covered most of her eyebrows; you’ll be able to see a sliver of them peeking out. I do not think I’ve ever seen anything this straight before. Her hair looked glossy to the purpose that its sheen was brighter than the shimmery pigments dusted across her chest and shoulders. 

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I, personally, am much more enthusiastic about her makeup look, particularly due to color combos she used. Silver shimmery shadows gleamed from her inner corners, and dark matte shadows stood out from her creases. Her lips were painted with a deep, blood-red lipstick. The apples of her cheeks were covered in a reddish blush. Silver and burgundy are two colours I never considered using together in a makeup look, but now I absolutely will. 

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