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Play Evil Dead when you still can, because the dev has revealed its end of support

Evil Dead is a multiplayer horror game with loads of scream-inducing thrills to your whole group of friends after which some. Saber Interactive only released the asymmetric game last yr, but it surely looks just like the spooky reign of Evil Dead: The Game may already be coming to an abrupt end. The developer has just announced that it’ll now not update Evil Dead with recent content, thanking the sport’s fans for his or her support. If you’re frightened about playing online, servers should look forward to now.

For those unfamiliar with Saber Interactive’s multiplayer game, it got here out in 2022 and quickly made waves as a top-selling entry to the fast-growing survival horror genre. Evil Dead: The Game surpassed 500,000 sales in only five days following its initial release, making for a launch much more impressive than those from horror behemoths similar to Dead by Daylight. Unfortunately, plainly the success was short-lived.

“To the Evil Dead: The Game Community,” Saber Interactive begins its message. “Today, we have now made the choice to not pursue the event of latest content for Evil Dead.” The dev also confirms that “we is not going to be releasing a Nintendo Switch version of the sport,” meaning that any previous plans to port it over to Nintendo’s handheld system aren’t any longer in place.

“We will keep the servers up for the foreseeable future and address any major issues that arise,” the dev continues on its post. Thankfully, which means that Evil Dead’s multiplayer functionality should remain in place for while longer and that Saber Interactive will proceed to update the sport with essential patches if the necessity for them should arise.

Saber Interactive ends its message on a more positive note, saying, “On behalf of your complete team at Saber, thanks for all of the groovy times and your continued support.” Hopefully, we still have a protracted while to spend with Ash Williams and Bruce Campbell in-game because the servers remain supported by the event team.

For those of you frightened about Evil Dead’s future, we have now a fun list of upcoming PC games to look ahead to and take your mind off of this sad news. Alternatively, you’ll be able to flick thru a couple of of our current favorite multiplayer games in case you want the type of party-based fun that Evil Dead provides.

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