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“That’s the primary time I’ve ever experienced racism”

Having immigrated to the US on the age of three months along with his family, Faiz suddenly found himself on unfamiliar territory. After some time, the abuse got to be an excessive amount of. “I gave up all my licenses – I had a series 7, 63, 65, 31, 24,” he said, ticking off the varied credentials he earned to purchase and sell financial products.

Starting over

“It made me stronger, and I learned to adapt,” he said of his forced ouster. Undefeated, he turned to real estate as a second profession he practiced from 2002-16. “I used to be an lively real estate agent, but I learned through the years that I used to be getting burned by fake pre-approval letters,” he recalled. “I’d spend time with clients, taking them out, only to understand they weren’t really qualified.”

That’s when he finally ventured into the mortgage industry. “I’ve had enough,” he remembers considering to himself concerning the real estate game. “I’m going to check to turn into a loan officer. I’m going to pre-approve these clients myself and make certain I understand each client. So in 2016 I took the test, passed with flying colours, and have become a loan officer. Since my first loan in 2016, I never looked back.”

He does have one regret, he acknowledged: “I began in retail,” he said. “That was a mistake.”

Hard lessons along the best way

It gave the impression of idea on the time: “I used to be told by many who being a broker isn’t the strategy to go, that being in retail is healthier – you have got in-house underwriting, that’s how they get you. You have in-house underwriting, in-house processing. I used to be a retail loan officer with some reputable firms. Toward the top of 2022, I used to be having my third bay and had about six clients in my pipeline ready. They had just signed contracts, and I had worked with them for over six months – nurturing them, pre-approving them, updating them.”

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