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Is Ariana Grande Actually Pulling Off This White Eye Shadow?

White eyeliner is one thing, but white eye shadow? A complete other ball game. Good thing Ariana Grande is the MVP of all things beauty.

The singer celebrated r.e.m. beauty’s Sweetener foundation launch in style on Tuesday, pulling her look along with an icy white shadow throughout her lids and the outer corners of her eyes. While white is often used to focus on and darker colours within the crease to contour, Grande skipped the contrasting hues in favor of a clean wash. And it looks stunning. Fresh. Dare I say, groovy?

The pop star arrived on the event in a sunny yellow space-age look pulled together by her longtime stylist, Mimi Cuttrell. Clad in a vintage Courrèges skirt set from the Seventies, brown patent leather go-go boots, and Loewe sunglasses, Grande spent the afternoon shade-matching and serving ice cream along with her mother, Joan Grande, in tow. The ensemble’s golden hue complemented Grande’s freshly bleached blonde locks, having recently undertaken the hair transformation for her role as Glinda within the forthcoming Wicked movie.

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