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All Gloom Spawn locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Easily probably the most imposing and terrifying recent enemy introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available in the shape of the Gloom Spawn, also generally known as Gloom Hands. This collection of one-eyed demonic hands sprouting from a puddle of gloom can move incredibly quickly to squeeze the life out of Link every time he gets close. Tackling them early on likely won’t end well, but when you gain the strength and courage to take down a Gloom Spawn (or just stand on a high ledge where it may possibly’t reach) you may obtain some Dark Clumps to cook meals for gloom protection.

And if the Gloom Spawn produces a Phantom Ganon miniboss upon defeat, you may beat him for a special gloom-based weapon in addition to the Demon King’s Bow, which increases in strength depending on the variety of Heart Containers you’ve got. As such, it’s helpful to learn all of the several spawning locations of those dangerous enemies so you may reliably obtain their materials.

Where to seek out all Gloom Spawn

The Gloom Spawn can show up in a surprising amount of locations, with a complete of around 41 spread across each the surface and the Depths. Below, you may view two separate maps of the surface and Depths containing every Gloom Spawn location, indicated by the red, non-faded markers.

Screenshot via PC Invasion


Tears Of The Kingdom Gloom Spawn Depths Map

Screenshot via PC Invasion

Note that there exist a couple of caveats to contemplate when looking for these enemies. For one, the Gloom Spawn found contained in the Deku Tree within the Depths is one-time only. As soon as you’re taking down each the hands and the Phantom Ganon clone that they spawn, it’ll never show up again for the remainder of the sport.

Additionally, the Gloom Spawn that resides on Mekar Island right outside the Lost Woods won’t at all times appear. Sometimes you’ll encounter the Gloom Spawn here, but other times, an Electric Wizzrobe will appear here as a substitute. Whether or not you get a Gloom Spawn or an Electric Wizzrobe on this mysterious Tears of the Kingdom area appears to be random, so try coming back to Mekar Island after every Blood Moon until you get the previous.

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