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Should I exploit the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare in Sea of Stars?

Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG that adopts many traits of games made a few years ago. One of those is the problem, and make no mistake, Sea of Stars is a tough game. Fortunately, Sabotage Studios has added several accessibility features to the combination to assist struggling players. If you’re wondering what they do, let me show you. Here, I’ll try to reply the query, Should I exploit the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare in Sea of Stars?

If you’re struggling at the primary hurdle within the Trials of the Mist, don’t despair. Check out our full guide for the realm.

Should I exploit the Amulet of Storytelling and Sequent Flare in Sea of Stars?

Before we dive in, I would like to set the record straight. Sea of Stars is a single-player experience. Regardless of the way you play it or what assists you employ, it doesn’t affect anyone else, and albeit, it’s none of their business. All assists might be turned on and off each time you please. On top of that, more assists turn out to be available because the game goes on. Use these to curate the experience to your liking. By default, fights in Sea of Stars are difficult, and leveling up is a slow process, but the whole lot is beatable with minimal grind.

What do the usual relics do?

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Right from the beginning, all players can use the Amulet of Storytelling And Sequent Flare. Both items are turned off by default and might be present in the ‘Relics’ menu. Here’s what they do.

Amulet of Storytelling

With default values, tough fights often come all the way down to the wire. The Amulet of Storytelling takes a variety of urgency out of battles so players can concentrate on the story as an alternative. The Amulet gives players a further 100hp (That’s loads in Sea of Stars). Not only that, health bars are filled back as much as 75% after combat. This refill means food and foraging for ingredients is less critical. 

Sequent Flare

Timing is a vital a part of combat in Sea of Stars. You can land double hits or reduce incoming damage by pressing buttons at the suitable time. Double hits are especially useful when attempting to break solid bars. Sequent Flare doesn’t change this mechanic, but a rainbow star and sound cue play whenever you nail the timing. 

Some abilities, like Valere’s Moonerang, depend on timing to land multiple hits. Sequent Flare is a good assist to assist in timing without taking the reigns away from the player. 

Where do I find the opposite relics?

Players can buy other relics from a Port town early in the sport. These include the Guardian Aura, which reduces incoming damage, and the Truestrike Pendant, which reduces enemy defense while casting. Like the usual relics, these are turned off by default.

Curiously, the Gold Tooth relic, which reduces the value of shop items, is turned on by default. The Gold Tooth is pricey, which can explain this, and it’s a pleasant touch that it may well still be turned off after purchase.

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