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What does ACS Anomaly mean in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6 actually hasn’t gone for an easy layout with regards to their HUD. It is the flight simulator of Souls-like games and might have you ever scratching your head somewhat in any respect the numbers and dials. Nobody may be expected to know every thing immediately. In fact, once I began, I just watched the beautiful colours and listened to the roar of the guns. You can tell lots by easy animal instinct. However, when something called ACS Anomaly kept popping up on my screen, I began to listen and needed to seek out out what it might mean in Armored Core 6.

What does ACS mean in Armored Core 6?

When fighting the monstrous enemies in Armored Core 6, you will certainly pay attention to their stagger bar. Building this up with hard-hitting weapons like Shotguns and Handguns will render your opponent momentarily very vulnerable. Stagger knocks enemies down for a temporary moment, supplying you with time to reload, attack for more damage, or wipe the sweat out of your eyes.

However, you should not proof against the dreaded stagger effect or ACS damage. Your stagger bar will slowly construct up at the underside of the screen. It is the yellow bar just above your stamina gauge. As it reaches the utmost level, you’ll receive stagger. Unless you make a hasty retreat, you’re going to get staggered and suffer the identical fate as your enemies in Armored Core 6. Stagger grounds your ACS for a temporary time.

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ACS Anomaly

ACS Anomaly is an extra risk for stagger in Armored Core 6. Certain weapons, similar to fire and plasma, will construct up the warmth in your Armored Core. This excessive heat will cause it to malfunction. You will notice the ACS Anomaly bar in your AC slowly constructing when being hit by heat weapons. When this fills, you’ll immediately be staggered, whether your major stagger bar is at 0 or not.

There isn’t much approach to avoid that other than improving your mech to assist with AC Anomaly resistance. You will notice certain gauges when putting together your AC that lists each Attitude Recovery and Attitude Stability. Get these two higher to scale back the effect of each stagger and ACS Anomaly.


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