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The Robots Are Coming — But Some Jobs Are Higher Left To Us Humans. | Entrepreneur

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It doesn’t take much reading to see that artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly upending our ideas of which activities have to be performed by living, respiratory humans. From data analytics to content creation, big businesses and fledgling entrepreneurs alike are experimenting with a wide selection of how to make use of AI to chop costs and bolster their bottom line.

But even with the seeming rush to make use of artificial intelligence, the worth of human-to-human contact can’t be neglected — especially in those activities that involve direct interaction with the tip consumer.

Turning over your online business to robots may seem to be a more efficient option, but neglecting human-to-human interactions could ultimately hurt your online business in the long term.

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Many people prefer human interaction over AI

Notably, even with more people being willing to make use of artificial intelligence, the overwhelming majority aren’t ready to offer up on human contact. For example, a study from Faye Travel Insurance found that while 18% of travelers prefer to make use of a virtual travel assistant, 23% prefer working exclusively with a human travel agent — and 51% prefer to make use of each options.

As this study shows, as a rule, artificial intelligence is getting used as a supplemental type of assistance (whether it is getting used in any respect) because people still want some type of human help and connection.

Another example comes from an article published by the University of British Columbia School of Social Work, which notes that while AI has helped offer more resources in the sphere of social work, many individuals in need of mental and emotional support are putting a premium on getting assistance from living, respiratory people.

Notably, the article cites the experience of a pc programmer who had access to an internet support bot to assist address trauma related to a motorcar accident. The patient didn’t use the support bot or his online support group because, as he explained, “I prefer talking to real people.”

Neither of those examples is supposed to downplay the undeniable fact that many individuals do use AI for these and other activities — and sometimes prefer it to getting human help. But in an increasingly digital society, the overwhelming majority of individuals still want some style of human-to-human connection in some aspect of their lives.

Whether it comes all the way down to trust, personal preference or the necessity for emotional attachment, there isn’t any denying that folks want real, meaningful interaction with other human beings. Even in a recent survey that found that 73% of consumers consider AI can positively impact the client experience, 77% still said “a component of human touch” was needed to create positive experiences.

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AI cannot replace real, human innovation

Writing for The New York Times, columnist David Brooks notes that while AI is poised to offer tools for outsourcing mental work, it also lacks several traits which can be inherently human — things that AI cannot truly replicate. As Brooks explains, AI cannot produce a definite personal voice, true creativity, unusual worldviews, empathy or situational awareness.

These uniquely human attributes are especially vital when coping with individuals — whether or not they be an worker or a customer. Artificial intelligence could also be good at identifying patterns and trends, but it surely isn’t equipped to form a meaningful, authentic emotional relationship with a person.

In his column, Brooks was advising college students on the talents they need to develop to set themselves apart as they begin their careers. But these same attributes are definitely precious to entrepreneurs and their businesses as well. Unusual worldviews and creativity are sometimes defining attributes of entrepreneurs that help them develop recent ideas to revolutionize industries.

Of course, such attributes turn into much more precious when working with other human partners to generate ideas and solve problems. For example, brainstorming is usually cited as a precious business activity since it forces decision-makers to contemplate different points of view and avoid groupthink. It encourages critical considering as people share and evaluate their ideas and perspectives.

Most importantly, it builds a way of cohesion as multiple people come together to collaborate and work on an answer. AI can definitely assist in this process, akin to by helping predict the outcomes of various actions or decisions. But it’s unlikely to bring that very same energy to the room that you just get when going through the work with other people. And its own ideas and output, while they could be useful, aren’t going to be as creative or unique as what your individual team might provide you with.

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Don’t forget to be human

Can AI tools help your online business turn into more efficient? Absolutely. But this does not necessarily mean it’s best to go all-in on attempting to automate every last activity. People crave real, human communication and make contact with. There are many things that machines can do, but it surely’s necessary to recollect they can not replace real human contact.

In a day when so many are rushing to make use of artificial intelligence, remembering to be human may very well be what helps set your online business apart. As you learn to make use of AI to complement your efforts while still maintaining a powerful deal with the human element that you just and your team members need to offer, you possibly can unlock recent opportunities and concepts while providing the connection that all of us so desperately need.

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