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The Only Option to Describe Cardi B’s Vogue Mexico Cover Is Breathtaking

The September issue has at all times been a giant deal for fashion, beauty, and entertainment. One of the perfect parts of those issues is the quilt shoot since the looks are at all times a moment. Currently, I’m obsessing over Cardi B’s Vogue Mexico cover where her brushed-out curls and blinding glowy skin made me fall to my knees.

Saying Cardi B looks stunning looks like an absolute understatement. Vogue Mexico posted the photos from the shoot on August 25 on its Instagram, and the very first image features the rapper in an all-black outfit together with her hands on her hips and enormous, frizzy curls round her. “Su nombre lo conoces, ahora es tiempo de que sepas la historia detrás de la cantante dispuesta a seguir la tradición, mientras escribe su leyenda,” the caption begins. That roughly translates to, “You know her name, now it is time to learn where the artist got here from as she writes her own story.” 

The moment I saw her brushed-out curls I assumed of the long-lasting Diana Ross who is thought for her hair as much as she is for her music. Cardi’s go-to hairstylist Tokyo Stylez clearly embodied the ethos of “go big or go home” while styling her hair. She gave Cardi a rough side part and left the frizzy curls round her covering a part of her face and trailing all the way in which toward her hips. 

Alique Studio/Vogue Mexico

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