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A 5-Minute Warm-Up You Should Do Before Every Pickleball Game To Avoid Injuries

With pickleball’s recent stratospheric rise in popularity has come an enormous uptick in pickleball-related injuries. In 2023 alone, pickleball injuries are anticipated to cost Americans $377 million in healthcare bills—anywhere between 5 percent and 10 percent of overall “unexpected” healthcare costs for this yr.

Completing a correct pickleball warm-up before any game is among the finest ways to avoid becoming part of those statistics. And you don’t must launch into an extended and complex routine to reap the advantages of a warm-up regimen. Even a number of minutes spent preparing your body will go a great distance in protecting common pickleball injury locations, just like the rotator cuff, elbows, knees, Achilles tendons, back, and ankles.

Experts In This Article

  • CJ Johnson, pickleball coach and licensed personal trainer
  • Justin Norris, certified strength trainer and co-founder of LIT Method

On your technique to the court

“Generally, now we have some form of walk between our automobile and the courts,” says CJ Johnson, a pickleball coach and private trainer. “So the very very first thing is to do something to raise your heart rate and get you huffing and puffing a bit of bit.” Use an influence walk, a jog, or some lateral [side-to-side] shuffles for a minimum of a minute or in order you head courtside.

pickleball warm-up must be dynamic

Once you’re feeling your breath and your body beginning to warm up, Johnson recommends spending a number of minutes on dynamic stretches. Rather than dropping right into a stretch and holding that position, dynamic stretching sees you progress gently out and in of the stretch’s peak.

3 areas to stretch

Upper leg: “Hamstring and quad stretches could be my go-to,” says certified strength trainer (and recreational pickleball player) Justin Norris. For the quad, try a conventional runner’s lunge. For the hamstring, rest one leg on a raised surface in front of you, with hands in your hips, before gently hinging forward, lowering your torso toward the leg. Keep your spine as straight as possible and your lower back feeling long.

Inner thigh: “We don’t often get to stretch our inner thighs, and there are three different muscles in there that could make this area very tight,” Johnson says, who suggests lateral lunges to open up this area.

Lower leg: Before the next calf stretch, Johnson likes to do a number of ankle circles in each direction and on either side. Then: “Find something—a wall, a fence, or a table—to push against. Standing together with your feet flat on the bottom and leaning a part of your weight forward into your hands, begin to pedal through the feet separately, in order that you’re feeling a stretch within the calf of the straightened leg.”

Norris suggests borrowing a number of moves from skilled tennis players to your pickleball warm-up

Arm circles

“The number-one thing I’d recommend goes to be arm circles with a resistance band.” These exercises activate and gently strengthen the muscles of your rotator cuff. Try 18 to twenty reps in each direction.

Wood choppers

To fan the flames of your core before game time, Norris also recommends the wood chopper. “Attach a resistance band to a low a part of either the web or a fence by one end and hold onto the opposite. Keeping your arms straight and together, draw a diagonal line across your body starting at your hip and ending above your opposite shoulder. Repeat 15 to twenty times, then switch sides.”

Aim to finish two or three sets in total of each exercises.

It’s tempting to get out on the pickleball court immediately, but failing to spend just a number of minutes on a pre-game warm up could spell injury—which suggests much more time sitting out out of your recent favorite pastime. Take five minutes now to arrange your body for an awesome game. You’ll feel higher and play higher.

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